July 29, 2009

School Room Fun

Today we are taking a closer look at some of the fun things I did to organize our school room.
I love a new project, so this was F.U.N.!!!
I found these organizer boxes at Target in the $ section for $2.50 each. If you walk to the back of the store you will find the same ones (although, in a variety of colors) in the laundry/storage dept. for $9.99 each. Hmm... it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do the math! At that price, I'll work with black.
The galvanized monogram letters were in the dollar section at Michaels during the holidays.
With a little light blue ribbon, they don't look Christmasy at all.

The kids like having their own bins for their personal notebooks and clipboards.

Remember these?
I just changed out the background paper to go with our new color scheme.

Speaking of new color scheme, I had fun whipping up these new window treatments:
I wanted it to be a quick project, so they are not lined, but they work for me.

The fabric is fun, but the colors are soothing.

I love this fabric! It's cotton pique' which adds a soft casualness.

I asked my husband to make a sturdy, decorative shelf for my desk area. He did a beautiful job (as usual). We won't talk about how many holes we drilled trying to find a stud... the stud-finder was lying!! Maybe its little vacation in the fridge wasn't so healthy. (You never know what you will find in the fridge with a 5 year old boy in the house).
A dear friend gave me this little shelf. It was white with a seashell accent. Thanks, Erin! Nothing like a good coat of black spray paint! It now sits on my desk as a great organizer.

I've recently been noticing (on other fabulous blogs) the use of clothespins. I think they are a charming way to display pictures. One perk is they don't damage the picture with a hole or tape to the back. Now I can change out my pictures... whenever!

We've also attached one to a wire on our bulletin board (see previous post). Doncha love my subliminal message to my kids?

Well, I'm off to enjoy the day in our new room!


Traci said...

Your room is adorable! I would love to go to school in that room.
The curtains are beautiful. I am trying to come up with curtains for my den, and I am just stumped! You look very organized and I am jealous. :)

Annie said...

HOW. AWESOME. I've been inspired on a couple of these classroom ideas for my classroom -- my office!

Thank you for sharing and have a great school year with those kiddos!!

Carolina Mama said...

Congratulations! Your school room looks terrific! Doesn't that make you ready to start! It will be a great year.

We're Magic Bullet fans too. Took ours to the beach in May! :)

Carpoolqueen said...

I would seriously love school in your room.


MJ said...

Beautiful room!!! I love your curtain fabric - where did you find it??

Anonymous said...

Can I enroll, please?

New Every Morning said...

I found the fabric at Hancock Fabrics when they were having a great sale this summer.

Kellie said...

You make me want to come homeschool with you. LOL Great ideas!

Becky said...

What a charming and happy place to do school. I love the curtains especially. Everything is so colorful and fun. Your kids will enjoy every day.

Rachel said...

This room is so cute! I love your armoire area and that cute little lamp! Was that a makeover or did you actually buy it like that?

Samantha said...

This room is fabulous! Such a soothing space to learn. I LOVE THOSE CURTAINS!!!

New Every Morning said...

Rachel, about the lamp ... I just replaced the shade (which was very formal). I found it at a yard sale for $.50! I should have bought a couple more :)

Amy said...

It's my fabric!! I just love your curtains! The ball fringe is especially cute and fits the fabric so nicely!!

Sunny said...

I have to ask you where you got that floral fabric for your drapes? Love it!

Ryan, Corrie, Max, and Jack said...

So I know this is an old post, but oh well! The two fabric curtains were JUST the idea I needed! I keep finding material I love for curtains, but it's like it's a little much, you know? But mixing it with something else will help!