July 31, 2009

Why I Love Him

I'd like to introduce you to the man of my life. I know you've already seen his crafty side (here, here, and here). I'm sure he'll love the fact that I labeled him as crafty. Crafty. Not Girly.
In fact, my hubby is anything but girly. A man's man. A good ol' boy who loves to hunt and grub with the best of them. You get the picture.

(Let's all take a moment and acknowledge the elephant in the room: yes, I know I look like ghost next to his dark, summer tan... just call me Casper)

On the inside of that tough exterior, he's a softy. He treats me like a queen. Every. day.
Even on days when I call him in tears because I may or may not have put a scratch on the car at the horse farm. Even on days when I paint half of a room to surprise him, only to find that he has to finish the job. Even on days when he has worked so hard in the hot July sun and I've been at home in the nice cool air conditioning. Even on days when we have mac-n-cheese for dinner. Again.

He has a gift of patience that I will never understand. Which brings me back to the whole scratch on the car thing. Yesterday, I was on my way to drop our daughter off at riding lessons when the little 'incident' occurred. It is a long, winding gravel road wide enough for only one vehicle. Usually, we meet no one on that road. Yesterday was a different story. There was a vehicle behind me and as we came around a bend, we met another vehicle approaching from the opposite direction. Sheesh! Traffic these days!

So rather than the approaching vehicle backing up 20 feet, the guy behind me and I had to back up 100 feet. Let's just say I was distracted by the pile of old boards with rusty nails to my left, the pushy car in front of me, and the guy behind me, that I didn't notice the wire fence to my right. Which, as small as it is, can do some nasty damage to a fine red paint job.

Being the first time I have EVER messed up a car, I was quite torn up about it. Hence, the phone call in tears to my man. He didn't get mad. He didn't even sigh. He just said, "It's O-kay! As long as everyone is safe, it's okay." No guilt trip. No frustration in his voice. Just, "things happen, don't worry about it."

Once again, I was reminded why I love this man!


Annie said...

Makes me instantly think of my man... and makes me want to run to his office and hug him!

Aren't we SO blessed to have real men who aren't afraid to act like real men? Real men don't get all hyped up over stuff like this. Real men know how to take care of their wives and families and to put things into perspective.

Here's to our REAL MEN!!!

Sunny said...

That is such a comforting thing when your husband reacts so sweetly to something that you are upset over. I know I am most amazed by Mr. when he gives me that sweet, calming "everything is gonna be alright" thing that I need so badly sometimes. Y'all are cute in that picture! Very sweet.

Sherri said...

That's awesome. My husband said the exact same things to me when I backed into a car earlier this year. His response didn't even change when I told him that the car I hit happened to be a BMW. At least it wasn't a Viper!

Carpoolqueen said...

What a gift, dear friend. A true gift. Remind me to tell you about the time I scratched the windshield of my BRAND NEW CAR with a license plate when I was trying to get ice off of it.

Yes, I love my man, too.

Anonymous said...

Your man truly is a man of steel and velvet! Such an unusual combination, but just the way his Creator made him to bring Him glory! I know he is "on duty" today too and not with grumbling but with enjoyment! So thankful I hve been able to see this A team develop! Miss Dixie

Cathy said...

VERY sweet...and crafty.:)

And, honey, if yours was an elephant, mine was a...well, whatever's bigger than an elephant....cause I'm as white as white can be (with freckles) next to a tan half Puerto Rican man. Yeah.


Mom said...

And I love him because he so deeply loves you! And treats you like a queen! Gotta love that kind of son-in-love!

adrienne said...

Are we married to the same man??? ha! I scratched my jeep, with our new baby in it, as i was backing out of his sister's longer than long driveway 10 years ago. i still remember. and i still remember that he didn't care at all. things happen and you get them fixed. we are both very lucky. by the way, i found you through cpq and I cannot c.a.n.n.o.t. lurk/stalk any of her friends because i feel like she's standing behind me shaking her head!