May 5, 2010

May I Suggest...

A giveaway??

When the mailbox is usually full of junk and bills, I get to do the happy dance when this shows up every couple of months. It is one of my favorite magazines. I love that it has such a wide variety of topics in each issue.
Here is a list of some of the articles from the May/June issue, just to wet your taste buds:
Family Stages: (an article for each) Early years, Discovery Times, Tween Ages and Teen Phases)
Family Media: "Compete, Connect, and Communicate" (a positive look at family video game time)
Family Faith: Faith-filled Activities; Faith Discussions
Family Life: Extended Family, For Her, For Him, Single Parent, Blended Family ideas

Since it is published by Focus on the Family, it is very well organized, reliable, and beautiful. Each issue is positive, thought-provoking, practical, and encouraging. I love that it is a great resource for every type of family, too.

I love it so much that I want to give one of my readers a one year subscription.
That's right! YOU can win a subscription!

Leave me a comment (click on the sweet thoughts from friends below) and tell me:
1. Your family's favorite stay-at-home activity
2. Your favorite family meal
3. Where you would like to sit and read this magazine (we can dream, can't we?)

I'll randomly select a winner on Mother's Day.

For FTC purposes: I did not receive anything from Focus on the Family for this giveaway. They simply published a wonderful resource that I want to share with my readers... .


Trisha said...

How very sweet of you! What cute questions for the giveaway!

In our family each of us has a different choice for what is the favorite thing to do together. 9yr daughter chooses playing Bananagrams everytime! 12yr son chooses family competition on the Wii. Dad chooses old movies. And I choose making cookies together.

Our favorite family meal is grilled steak and cottage potatoes with a nice garden salad.

Now if we are really dreaming! I would read this at the beach while listening to the waves crash. Since I moved away from the ocean I would choose to read it sitting on my garden swing listening to the birds watching the day wake up!

Hannah J said...

Well, we are pregnant with our first. So far in our "family time" (aka couple time), our favorite thing to do together is be outside. Whether it's running, hiking, camping, walking, or just sitting, we LOVE spending time outdoors. I'm hoping that we can instill that into our children as well.
Currently with this pregnancy, my favorite meal is mac and cheese =) My husband is quite sick of it.
If I could choose a place to read, it'd be where I grew up in Alaska, sitting on the bluffs with a view of the mountains I miss so very much.

Laura said...

Our favorite activity with young children right now is our little game called "catch the dollar bill." My husband holds up a dollar bill and drops it with the kids ready to catch it with their index finger and thumb. Seems simple but its really hard. They could play for hours.
Favorite meal is sausage bread and salad. Its basically rolled out pizza dough in a rectangle with crumbled cooked sausage and cheese, then roll it up and bake it. I have to make two now that the kids eat more of it. Top it off with some browned butter rice krispy treats.
I would love to read this on a porch anywhere in the mountains of NC with a campfire mocha from Caribou.

AnNaRicHiE said...

Hello Ms.G~

I hope it is okay to participate in your question.

1. We are the Sewell Family-Our favorite stay at home activity is spending long hours in our living room watching movies.We eat there and Dad loves to tickle my two girls.

2.Our favorite meal- We like steak a lot with sweet potato and veggies.Very easy to make.DAd only gets tenderloin coz he said it is the best.

3.By the deck enjoying the nice weather while having a nice drink .

That's our family,very simple.

Carrie said...

We like to pile up in the living room together and watch a movie while we picnic on the floor (with a fire in the winter). We roast marshmallows in the fireplace and stay up late!

I'd definitely read it sitting on my porch in my rocking chair in the summer and in the tub during the winter!

The Robinsons said...

Oh boy, I have never heard of this magazine, it looks great!!

My family's favorite stay-at-home activity may be hanging out on the back porch and doing some gardening (well my husband does the gardening, my toddler and I keep him company, she gets dirty in the soil and thinks she is helping).

My favorite family meal is probably chicken enchiladas. They are super easy, but kind of a lot of prep work so I don't make them but every couple months or so. It's one of the only ways I can get my toddler to eat chicken, covered in all that sauce and cheese.

I would like to sit by a pool and read the magazine, but let's be honest...that isn't gonna happen. Maybe if I win, I can read it when I am nursing my next baby (due in 4 weeks!).

Anonymous said...

interesting -- i used to get a mag from FOTF, but i'm wondering if this is what it's morphed into, although what i was getting was free. anyway . . . .

1. hmm, we do most of our fam. time out & about, so i had to give the SAH activity some thought. lately, we've really enjoyed taking turns story telling. (of course, w/ little man a mega animal lover, there are no people allowed in the stories.) ;)

2. this dept's still pretty clunky, so the plain & simple truth remains any meal that the three of us get to eat TOGETHER! :)

3. oh man, i would LOVE to read this (& a million other things!) sitting in a comfy chair out on a dock overlooking a still lake -- with the temp no higher than 70 degrees. (lately I'M MELTING!!) ;)

thx for sharing about the mag. i'll have to go check it out on their web site.

- TZ

Anonymous said...

Our favorite stay-at-home family activity only happens once a year. We have the most fun decorating the Christmas tree together. We love pulling out all the ornaments we have collected for the past 17 plus years, including the ones made by the kids in pre-school. Memories come flooding back and we have many "remember when" stories to share.

We have many favorite meals, but one that comes to mind is my baby back ribs that I have applied a rub, baked and then grilled and smothered with homemade bbq sauce, maybe some homemade potato salad with something chocolate for dessert.

I would love to read this magazine while sitting on my screened porch that my DH is currently remodeling.

Hope S.

anthonyandbeth said...

i have not see this magazine. very cool.

our favorite at home family activity is just playing outside. anything. just being outside together is fun to us. :)

our favorite meal is probably Spaghetti...they all love that.

i would love to be on a beach somewhere. just hearing the crashing of the waves and having sweet quiet time to take it all in...but it would probably be in my big chair in the living room. :)

nikkisawicky said...

I saw that magazine at a friends and wanted it for my home too!!

1.We love to play board games. Right now the favorite is the Game of Life. My daughter get a kick out of it!
2. Homemade pizza!!
3. I really just want to sit under my Maple tree, on a blanket, and relax with a good magazine ;-)

Tennille said...

Oh, I love this!
First of all.. let me say, when I'm viewing your blog, my husband says... "oh, that's the blog with the cool music" ... love that he always notices it! *and... I must admit that sometimes after I finish catching up on your uplifting posts, I will open up another page to view other websites so that I can keep listening!
On to the fun questions:
1. We're the Michel family, from Branson MO... tourist destination for many, so we love being at home, away from traffic! We like to play good ole board games... Uno Attack, Sorry, etc. *When we want to get out as a family, we load up the bikes and go on a family bike ride... even with our 4 month old! Our 6 year old begs nightly to go!
2. We love to cook out! Dad does the grilling, Mom does the sides... while the charcoal is flaming, our 6 year old and I grab the sticks and roast marshmallows...yum! But, if you'd ask my 14 year old, he'd say his favorite is Mom's Famous Swedish Meatballs!
3. Seriously... I'd love to sit and read it in the bench seats at a house we'd love to buy! My hubby is a youth pastor in a town 45 minutes away... when we get our house sold, oh how I pray that we can find the house that God wants for us... but meanwhile.. I'm drooling over this affordable small home with an awesome kitchen, off the kitchen is the most beautiful little nook, it has those great window pane windows... ahh... I can just imagine...

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Our family loves to play board games together. Well, all of us except our daughter! But we make her join us!

We all love to grill out hamburgers.

I'd love to read the magazine while on a Caribbean Cruise. Could you throw that in too?

Bugs and Sunshine said...

We love to play in the backyard on these cool, breezy evenings, order good pizza and enjoy each other.

I'd love to take my tanned, toned, muscular swimsuit ready body to Destin. Oh dang, I just fell out of my chair from laughing so hard. We do love the beach but if I can't have that I'd take a tidy house with a lit candle.

Amber said...

I LOVE MAGAZINES!!! And I haven't seen this exciting.
So pick me! You know you want to!!

Let's see:

1. Activity: Playing board games together while eating huge vats of popcorn and slurping hot cocoa. My favorite way to spend an evening.

2. Meal: Big ole' steaks and baked potatoes! Yummy.

3. Sit: In my big comfy chair with my big comfy quilt. And I'd have a cup of coffee in my hand. Because it's only right.

Love you, friendy person. Love you muchly.

awayinmali said...

1.) It would be a toss up between family game night or family movie night.

2.) Homemade pizza.

3.) Somewhere with green grass! (It's funny the little things you miss.)

Mich said...

Looks like a good one...

My family loves "movie night." I love all of us curled up together, laughing at something funny on the TV screen.

My family loves pasta, any which way. now that my daughter is learning to cook too, it is fun to make our own creations.

I would be curled up in my big chair... the dream part? A few hours to myself, maybe? :)

Happy Mother's Day weekend!