May 24, 2010

You Might Be a Redneck

IF you are sitting at home on a lazy Sunday afternoon and you hear your husband yell "bring your camera and come outside without the dog." Thinking you are going to see a snake, but the sight of this greets you at the end of your driveway; your well maintained, neighborhood driveway, you might be a redneck.
Yes, pigs. Digging in my flowers around the mailbox. But do they stop there? No, they think they're invited to dinner:

Whatcha grillin, big boy?


Don't they realize they've stepped into a swine death camp?
Seriously. My husband has two giant pig cookers on wheels. They should be warned.
But did you see the size of those porkers? 300+ pounds I don't think they would even fit on the grill.
Notice how small our "big" dog looks compared to them.
It's never a dull moment here at the NEM casa. Nothing like starting the week off with a bang or an oink.

**No animals were hurt for the production of this blog. Or for our dining pleasure. We called the neighbor/farmer to come collect his hogs and to thank him for some good blog fodder.
Enjoy your day!


ashley said...

Hilarious!!! Send some blog fodder over in my direction, k? :)

Kellie said...

Now that is something to "OINK" about... hee hee... What a day!

Carpool Queen said...

The sight of your husband brushing the hog reminded me of Charlotte's Web.

That's some pig.

Joy for the Seasons said...

What a hoot!

The Chubby Dove said...


Jen said...

That was hysterical! (Found you from Kay's blog...)

Amber said... many hot dogs does one family need?

Geez. I thought my grocery bill was big.


Bugs and Sunshine said...


Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

How funny! Just today my best friend told me she drove into her driveway to find two cows in her front yard eating her grass. They had large horns so they stayed away from them, but she was hoping they'd stay out of her roses.

However, they weren't grilling hamburgers at the time...

asnipofgoodness said...

HIL-AIR-E-US!!!! And I thought seeing wild turkeys and deer in the yard meant I lived in the country! :)

Thanks for sharing, and for the giggles.

Gretchen said...

Now there's an experience I've never had! ;)

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Gretchen, This is hysterical! The tree little pigs came to your house. I was thinking the wolf was not far behind!
So much fun to visit you today.

Kellie said...

This is TOO funny!

They look like they were friendly pigs, they weren't even afraid of the dog?