May 13, 2010

May I Suggest...

A new summer drink: Peppermint Green Tea Frappuccino
Before you wrinkle your nose (which you shouldn't because it might get stuck that way) give it a chance. I would have never chosen this drink because I don't really like green tea. But the smart marketing people figured out if they offered a freebie tray of miniature coffee drinks, people might get hooked on a drink they would normally never order. Like moi. Trust me, it is SO refreshing! I'll go with you and if you don't like it, I'll drink it for you.
**Did you know that Starbucks is offering 1/2 price frappuccinos from 3-5pm now thru May16th? Can we say Happy. Hour(s).
To top that off, they took a cue from Burger King and now you can order it your way. Decaf, skim, whatever. You get to choose.
I'm in frothy heaven.

Do you have a World Market nearby? Go there now. Bossy today, no? Aside from the uber cool patio furniture, they also have a great food section. Specifically their chocolate bars. They take a walk on the wild side with their flavors. I've tried several (purely for informational purposes, ahem). My favorite is the Sea Salt Dark Chocolate. The Chipotle Chili Dark Chocolate runs a close second. Mucho Gusto!

Since I feel a little guilty about devoting an entire day to sugary treats, I'll leave you with this suggestion:
Have you read Bringing Up Boys? This is the brand new girl version of that book. If you have girls, I highly recommend this book. It is very practical, educational, and thought provoking. Sometimes we get so caught up in the today, that we forget to step back and think about the motives and objectives of parenting. This book helped me focus on my purpose as a parent. (I also highly recommend Bringing Up Boys if you have a son.)

Enjoy your day!


Amy said...

Glad you found some new treats!

Karen said...

Thanks for the recommendations. I'm not sure about the "treats" but I will definately check out the great read!

whimzie said...

We are on the same wave length! I just got that book last week!! I still haven't read he Boys one so I've got a lot of reading to do!

I almost ordered the green tea one. You're right, the peppermint green tea sounds a little weird. But since we're sharing a wavelength this week and since they're half price during happy Hour, I may just have to give it a try. I'll mail it to you if I don't like it.

I almost bought the dark choc w/sea salt! I'll have to do that next time. I bought the chocolate bacon bar just because I was greatly intrigued. I'll let you know how I liked it after I try it!

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Had a half price frappucino just the other day, and had it my way - light! It was good and I used only a small portion of my Mother's Day Starbuck's gift card to buy it. What a deal!

Gretchen said...

Darn. Starbucks (hope I can find one nearby), chocolate, & book recommendation. Terrible post for me.

NOT! :)

I'm right beside Target & World Mkt & Starbucks at this moment, so I suppose I should stop reading blogs & get busy.

Kellie said...

Hmmm... may have to give that drink a try. I am learning to try new things in

I have thought about getting Bringing Up Girls... goodness, though, I have so many to read this summer already. ha! :)

Elizabeth said...

You always have such good recommendations: coffee, books and chocolate. Three of my favorite things! I want to read Dobson's book and I loved Bringing Up Boys. And a peppermint green tea frappuccino actually sounds really yummy!

O Mom said...

going to try that drink today!!
And chocolate, coffee, and books what a great day!

Suz said...

I just bought Bringing Up Girls the other day. I read Bringing Up Boys when K was a baby and need to pull it back out. One of the practical things that I got from it is to use a physical (gentle) touch with a boy to get him to listen. It really worked! And works on hubby too! Hee Hee. I am excited to read what he says about the girls. So for the girl that does not read that much, I do have a few books for the summer! I may have to take my book and find a quiet corner at Starbucks. The drink sounds yummy.

Carpool Queen said...

I need to get to Starbucks, but I'm boycotting for a couple of weeks in an attempt to drop a few pounds before vacation.

That Frap may be at the top of the list for a reward :)