May 20, 2010


Celebrating so much this week:
1. Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. Holla!
2. My beige brown is now a soft beige brown.
3. My eyebrows are now under control.
4. My little man hit his 1st homerun over the weekend.
5. I have a new advertiser on my blog. Love your work, Sherri!
6. I'm going shopping tonight by myself. {Don't worry, we celebrated our anniversary last night because tonight the boys have ball practice.} Did I mention I was going by myself?
7. Tomorrow night I'm going to a swap. So excited to trade my junk with some other unsuspecting sweet ladies. One man's trash, another man's treasure. Or in this case, one girl's decorating junk items, another girl's old stuff repurposed.
8. My kitchen just got repainted and it's so refreshing. (Pictures to come, promise)
9. My girls had their end of grade testing and passed with flying colors. Do whah? Did I hear a little whoop woop? Oh yeah baby. Momma's doin' the happy dance and trying to come up with 15 field trips to finish off the school year.
10. Today is our 15th wedding anniversary (I know I've already said that, but it just sounds so good) and we are going on a trip that rhymes with "bruise" to a place that has water the color of something that rhymes with "clue." Can we squeal together?? I'm giddy.
11. I'm so beside myself, that I thought I'd end with celebrating the fact that I don't have to end lists in even numbers. ;)


AnNaRicHiE said...


Amber said...

So exciting!! I love all the things on your list!!! :)

But shopping alone and "bruises" still my heart.

Bugs and Sunshine said...


15 years, that is awesome!! I hope you find all kinds of awesome deals while you are shopping that make you feel like a million bucks. Sounds like a great night.

So Mrs. 15 Years, what's your best piece of marriage advice?!

Gretchen said...

Why is it that when you gave rhyming words, I came up with "Blue's Clues"? Not the right answer? Soooo happy for you!

Suz said...

I can hear the joy in your voice! Celebrate!

Kellie said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoy your shopping time alone. Hope your enjoy your cruise TOGETHER.... hee hee! :)

Learning as we Live said...

Sounds like a great week! Happy Anniversary!

Kellie said...

Happy anniversary! May of 1995 was a great year!

Your list of celebrations was so fun! Too bad I didn't know you were going to be out alone tonight, I might have just crashed your party of one!

O Mom said...

Happy Anniversary. We will be celebrating 17 years on saturday!

Sherri said...

Happy Anniversary! I'm so happy for you and your long list of things to celebrate!

Mich said...

You do have reason to celebrate!

Happy anniversary!

Sandy said...

Remembering that beautiful day!

Joy for the Seasons said...

Happy happy anniversary! Enjoy your bruise. ;o)