May 27, 2010


Thanks to my dear friend Gretchen-of-the-west for hosting gladitudes. Even if I'm a day late.

1.Glad for my bloggy friend Kellie and her awsome giveaway that I won. She made the apron. Such talent!
2. Glad that she has an embroidery machine named Clinton that added my name and a cute monogram.
3. Glad that I have a dear friend that makes encourages me to get up early and exercise.
4. Glad that the pigs haven't come back for a visit.
5. Super that my children's grandparents are so involved in their lives.
6. Giddy glad that my house is clean.
7. So glad I-can't-put-it-into-words that I found the hair in the sundried tomato spread before I put the bagel into my mouth. Grody.
8. Glad for the life lesson my children learned from the homeless man holding a sign.
9. Uber glad for a long weekend spent with friends and family.
10. Gladder than glad for my children's laughter. I don't ever want to take that sound for granted.


Janet said...

LOVE the apron!

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy our children's laughter. I don't think much of the fact that my kids will laugh and play together for hours until I hear that - that isn't always the case in other homes. I'm SO thankful for their laughter and friendship with each other.

Amber said...

So fantastically glad to call you friend.

And super amazingly glad that one of these days I'll get to meet you in for-realz life.


Kellie said...

OH! The apron looks fantastic on you! It makes me so happy to see you wearing it!

I hope to be making lots of new things on Clinton. He was sick for awhile, but now he's better than ever! And just in time, because school is officially out tomorrow!

Great list of Gladitudes!

Terri said...

Gladitudes...sweet and funny, it makes me happy to read them. Thank you <3

Carpool Queen said...

I need a friend that makes me clean my house.

And that apron is too cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to have a friend like you!! (well, not just a friend LIKE you, actually YOU)
:) enjoy your quiet time in the car!! E

Sandy said...

Most glad you are my precious daughter & glad I get to "snatch" your precious daughters away for a couple of days! Looking forward to time with all of you, too!

Gretchen said...

Gladissimussly glad for you, my sweet GOTE!

That apron is so darling, and lurve the monogram! Be sure and lock it up when I visit. ;)

Glad for your kids' grandparents, too. My Grum and I are still close to this day. She came to live with my mom and me when I was in 6th grade, and I loved having her to confide in during those "wonder" years. We still talk about once a week.

Glad I'm not the only one who needs someone to spur me on to exercise.

Anonymous said...

i had SEVERAL number seven-like events as a child, & i can clearly recall every. single. one. including the caterpillar at the salad bar at ponderosa . . . clearly traumas that i'm still recovering from. ;) so i can DEF relate to the "so glad I-can't-put-it-into-words" feeling of relief from a spared trauma.
happy for you -- on ALL of the above,

KR said...

Is your dear friend who makes you get up & exercise taking requests??

Bugs and Sunshine said...

is there anything more cheerful and fun like a cute apron?

i use them too. they make cooking such a fun time.

Dawn said...

glad to hqave read this... made me smile!