July 16, 2010

Foodie Friends

Unlike my husband, I love to try new foods and new restaurants. The more unique, the better. I draw the line at Indian food. Just. Can't. Do. It.
So when my foodie friend, CPQ, invited me to a Girls Night Out I knew it would be good. I had never heard of the restaurant but she said they serve tapas. Right away I felt so metropolitan. Since my lunch had consisted of a soft pretzel from Target, I was ravenous by the time we got there.
Tapas means small savory dishes, so I was a little nervous that I might leave hungry. But they were having a special on margaritas so I joined my pregnant friend and ordered virgin because I do know my limitations.
Anything with the name Napoleon catches my eye. Probably because it usually it has to do with desserts. This Napoleon Tapas did not disappoint. Puff pastry, mounds of sauteed mushrooms, goat cheese, pesto. You get the idea. And I didn't feel guilty because of the small size. Which means I still had room for dessert.

Any event with the CPQ is never dull. She started the evening with offering to drive. Which led to a humorous turn of events involving getting locked IN the car, a surreal conversation with the OnStar eye in the sky, and watching her exit the vehicle Dukes-of-Hazard style for the entire evening.
CPQ pondering the mystery of her self-imposed lockdown.

Not only was the evening filled with delicious food, I learned of many must-try food establishments in the tri-state area. Knowledge is power. And possibly fattening.
However, my friend Heather inspired me to get back on the exercise wagon with a definite goal in mind. Her quest is to do a half marathon in November.
Wonder how many food establishments we would pass in those 13.1 miles...

Do you like to try new food? What's your favorite?


Carpool Queen said...

Let's pretend that the setting sun is casting glints on the top of my head and that it's not my hair in SERIOUS need of a visit to the hair salon.

And geez, I'm so serious in that picture. I must have been planning the quickest route to dessert.

Amber said...

I just read CPQ's version of the scandalous Suburban situation.

And now I'm cursing the fact that I don't live in NC with you girls.

Because y'all definitely know how to party.

Kellie said...

Was that restaurant in downtown? If so, I went there on a GNO in January! :) It was great food. :)

I am learning to try new things. My best friend likes to surprise me with new places and it has been great. In trying new places I have tried new foods, too... and have loved Grouper and Halibut.

I have tried to love goat cheese. TRIED. Really. I just can't do it. I'll let you enjoy that goat cheese and I'll stick to sour cream and butter. lol :)

Suz said...

Ok, I am disappointed! You don't like Indian food. That is my favorite!
Glad you all had a fun night.

Sandy said...

LOVE to try new restaurants!! Just don't know if I have a favorite... but I'm game for about anything (even sushi). That looks like such a cute place!

Kellie said...

Your pictures are fantastic! Love the ones of HEather and CPQ.

What a fun night it was! Can't wait to do it again.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

i want to meet carpool queen-she sounds hilarious!