July 1, 2010

Frugal Summer Decorating- Part 2

The easiest way to add a splash of summer is to add a starfish or two. The best place to make a little change is the mantle. It's a focal point and versatile. My "sunshine" board is actually a discarded kitchen cabinet with vinyl lettering attached. Simple, clean lines are perfect for summer.

Remember my leftover drop cloth fabric from yesterday? I used it to make a simple curtain. If you are the no-sew type, you will love this. Drop cloths come in a couple of sizes, and with curtain clips, you can have gorgeous curtains without a needle in sight. See here for some inspiration and clear directions.

While we were on our cruise, I really wanted to find a piece of art to remember our trip by. We could have taken out a second mortgage and bought a piece of art on the ship, but what fun is that? Instead I found this neat antique-style map of the Caribbean. It was rolled up, ready to travel and it was only $9. Can you believe it fit a giant frame I already own?? Out came the french-country rooster, in went the map. Glory.

Do you have a Ross? If there is one in your area and you are not a frequent shopper, I won't judge. But I will cluck my tongue and shake my head because you are missing out. I eyed this little "relax" carving at another store, but couldn't bring myself to spend $19 on it. Cute, but not that cute. I took a stroll through my local Ross the other day and this little gem was sitting there with my name on it for $3.

I ordered these prints last summer and they are still one of my favorite things hanging on my walls. I even left them up thru the winter. They are very well priced (plus I had a discount). The frames and mats came from Walmart, so the total investment was minimal.

What I love about summer decorating is the simplicity. Shells from the beach in a jar: so easy. Clean lines and light colors make me happy.

What is your favorite summer color? Do you go for bright and happy colors or light and airy?


Richella said...

I really like your frugal summer decorating! Your map was a great find for $9--beautiful!

You've got me thinking about what I could do around here to lighten up a bit. I'm usually a deep-color sort of person, but a little more light might be a nice thing to incorporate.

And I share your thoughts about Ross. Our store is a little junky, but it's worth digging through the mess to see what treasures await!

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love all of your great summer decorations. Just gorgeous. Beautiful home. Hugs, Marty

jason and jen said...

We are enjoying our first day at the beach!!! I just had to tell you that I went in Ross last week for the FIRST time ever. I could not believe how many cute things they had and how cheap it was! I am now a Ross shopper for sure!

Rachel said...

I love your new beachy summer style! Looks very fresh! I would decorate my whole house in pottery barn's new "coastal" line if I could afford it. I think the white starfish are my fav!

Mrs. Sojourner said...

I love the map; what a great idea!

Gretchen said...

I like turquoise and white and beige, with a random splash of red. You've given me so much inspiration for our Whidbey house. I collect all these shells and sand dollars, but you're putting ideas to the collecting. Which means...it's not clutter. ;)

Terri said...

I love decorating on the cheap! My favorite thing is making new pillowcovers. I like light and airy colors for summer. I am trying to find a way to change my brown curtians to something lighter, might have to look at the drop cloth idea! Thanks for sharing your ideas, always a fun read!

Kelli said...

Love the map idea! Out came the country rooster... made me laugh! =)

trish said...

I especially like your quote on your mantel. :o)