July 21, 2010

This 'n That

1. I've spent 2.3 hours on the phone with Apple Care experts helping me adjust to my new toy. Let's just say that having to wait 19 hours for my laptop to "migrate" information to the desktop was like giving a child an ice cream cone and telling him he can't lick it until it is completely melted. But I'm learning patience. Apparently waiting 9 years and saving our pennies to purchase a new family desktop computer didn't do the job.

2. While we're on summer break, I've filled my rainy afternoons with important things like designing my lesson plan book. Since I didn't want to fork out $7.99 for a cute 3ring binder, I bought a white one with clear insertable front/sides for $1.99, added some scrapbook paper and patted myself on the back. Because school starts in a week and the inside still looks like this:
Anyone else in denial about school starting? Several people asked me about our schedule in the comments section. We follow a modified year-around schedule which allows us 2 weeks off in the fall, 3 weeks at Christmas, and 2 weeks off in the spring. Hence the start of school in July. We LOVE this schedule when the long breaks roll around. Right now, I'm still digging the sleeping in n' such...

3. I signed my kids up for computer camp at the Apple store with the hopes that they can then teach me everything they learn. The rules state that the parents have to stay in the store thru the duration of the camp. Their reasoning probably has something to do with liability and good marketing time for the adults. I'm thinking "free help at the Genius bar" time. We'll see...

4. My girls set their first big savings goals earlier in the spring. One is saving for her 1st computer and the other for a digital camera. Can I just tell you how easy this has made my life? No more asking for stuff in the dollar section. No more watching them spend their $$ on junk. Plus I can pay them to play with my hair, wash the dog, brush the dog's teeth (gag), and organize the kitchen drawers without feeling guilty. It's for a good cause, right?

5. I am learning the joy of submitting to my husband on areas I never even considered:
Ummm, yeah. This deserves a whole post in and of itself.

What do you like to do to waste time?


Kellie said...

Well... I like to waste time on the computer... mindlessly looking at things.

I,too, am in denial about school starting. Let's just not discuss that any further.

Can't wait for the post on the chicks. :)

Kellie said...

You're starting school early! And I love your lesson plan book. I did the same thing with my planner, mostly because I like to switch my cover around a lot. By the time winter comes I will be ready for bright colors that say "You can do this with a cheerful heart!"

Once you get your new computer up and running you are going to LOVE it. I love mine and cannot even imagine switching back to a PC!

Also, (am I wordy today or what?) I tried to convince my husband that we needed chickens...I was denied. Looking fwd to the post about your baby chick.

What do I do to waste time?

Leave exceedingly long comments on blogs. ;)

Carpool Queen said...

I NEVER turn on the TV during the day but yesterday I took an hour and a half and plopped on the couch with the remote and caught up on DVRed shows that Mr. CPQ doesn't watch.

I felt a little guilty but I got over it.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I was so sad when my power cord became detached in the middle of my 14 hour file migration. Grrrrrrrrr. Had to do it all over again! Hope yours is successful the FIRST time.

Cute notebook! Just bought school supplies with my kids and I guess I didn't realize how expensive binders are!

Willing to share your strategies to get kids to save? Mine tend to be spendaholics...even when they have a goal. I'll take any help I can get!

Elizabeth said...

This is embarrassing to admit, but we've had our Mac for 8 months now and I still don't totally understand it. I can do the basics, but I need to go in for the training we paid extra for. LIke you, we saved and planned for too long not to take advantage of everything our computer can do! Our little 9-year old friend did Apple camp, and when I asked him if I could sign up he said you can't be "too old."Ouch!'

Denial? Yes, yes, and yes! I just breeze on by the school supplies, although I do have a very detailed list ready for when I do decide it's time to shop.

My kids are saving for some things too, but my husband told me to stop paying them for every little thing. I was just trying to help out! What was that you said about submitting? Btw, the chick is cute.

I'm the queen of wasting time, usually it involves the computer.

Tracey said...

oooo..now I want to make a lesson plan book.

School starting?? What's school??

File migration..this reminds me that I need to backup my laptop. One more thing to do before thinking about school starting.

How do I waste time? I'm doing it right now.

OK, back to the lesson plans..thanks for the lovely post.

Amber said...

Can I tell you that you just made my day??

Because you, too, pay your children to play with your hair. I thought I was the only one.

Kindred, we are.

Jenn A said...

To waste time I like to read fun blogs on my computer or read a book just for fun or watch a good movie. =) Cute notebook!

Bugs and Sunshine said...

i am kind of ready for school to kick off too!!! we are getting our office ready. well, that's not technically true.

last night i went in to start organizing, lit a candle, turned on the lamps, took a long look around, blew out the candle, turned out the lamps and went to play with my boys.

today was filled with candyland and a nap with all my boys.

i'm guessing the office will be there tommorow, it usually is.

i've been out of town and just got back-been catching up on sleep and my computer is broken. truth is, besides not getting to check in on my friends blogs, it is really nice :).

hugs to yoU!

Janet said...

Wow!! You even decorate your lesson planner! WOW!!! :)

Terri said...

I like to cruise around on the computer, looking at all the really fabulous blogs. It is such a great place to get ideas on everything from decorating, cooking and sewing. Sometimes I put the timer on, so I don't spend too much time on the computer!
It is my very first year with no one in school....ah dread...empty nest.

Michele said...

I'm over from Coffee gal Kellie's blog . . .

Okay. . . I love the binder with the scrapbook paper!!! SO.VERY.CUTE!! and . . . I'm totally copying you:)

I keep putting off starting school (homeschool mom also). I'm thinking I may start after Labor Day after a weekend trip to the beach. However, I'll be kicking myself about March. . .

I pay my children to pay with my hair also!! Love that you do this. I didn't have a clue anyone else in the world did this!

Happy homeschooling!