July 6, 2010

Where in the World...

While enjoying lunch at a beachside restaurant this summer I overheard this conversation:
Lady: My mom is in Haiti distributing medication.
Man (who was obviously an authority on everything): Did you know that it has the highest rate of AIDS in the world? She should be careful.
Lady: Really? I would have thought a country in Africa would.
Man: Well, Haiti is in Africa.
Lady: Um... I don't think so...
Man: Well, it's off the coast of Africa
And that, my friends, is another reminder of the importance of geography lessons.

So where in the world...
can you find a quality world globe? Check out CSN. Remember the little product review I mentioned earlier? This is what I chose to review. They have everything you could imagine and I was imagining a raised relief globe. I was very pleased for several reasons.
The size. It is a 9" which is the perfect size: not too big, not too small.
The color. I really wanted an antique looking one, so that when my homeschooling days are over, I could use it to accent my home.
The details. It has up-to-date political boundaries clearly marked for our geographical needs. Like finding Haiti and Africa.
The quality. The base is hardwood. The semi-meridian is die-cast metal. Very well made.

If you are in the market for a world globe this Replogle Roosevelt Globe is a gem.
Want a 12" blue ocean? They have it. Want a kid friendly version? They have it. Want a cool black starlight globe? They have it.
Within a week of ordering, it was on my doorstep. I love efficiency. And geography.

*CSN provided the product to be reviewed


Mrs. Sojourner said...

I love it! I am going to go check out their website.

O Mom said...

We had a globe, not a neat colored one like yours, just a cheapy from some store years ago. The base broke and then the 'world' fell and busted. I was so sad. We used to love sitting looking at it and always found something new to talk about. Love the colors in yours.

Evi said...

See he's right...it's only a few short inches off the coast of Africa...just a little bitty body of water called the A T L A N T I C O C E A N in the way! lol.
Would be nice to have one of those globes. I use my computer most of the time but it is nice to have one for the topography hey?

Ginger said...

Love the globe. I had a student this year who told me to "turn left" out of a local neighborhood to get to Mexico. (We're on the east coast.) Just one of those moments that make teachers love summer.

Sandy said...

It is very nice! Too bad Mr. Authority-on-everything can't see it....

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

That's funny...yet kind of sad at the same time. Great globe and the perfect size.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

good job on the product review, i just ordered one in every color :)!!!

hope you are having a blessed monday!!!