September 20, 2010

Tears for Today

On a typical day, this is a place of encouragement, hope and laughter. Today it cannot be so. My heart is heavy and my soul weeps. On Saturday a friend of mine received the most devastating news any wife can get. Her husband had given the ultimate sacrifice while serving in Afghanistan.
For you. For me. For the sake of FREEDOM.

I don't think you, or me, or freedom has crossed her mind today.
No, today she is consumed with a little 2 year old girl who still prays for her daddy to be safe at work.
Today she is filled with grief over the child in her womb who will never know his daddy.
Today she faces the unknowns of her high risk pregnancy that is 37 weeks along.
Today she wonders about their belongings still waiting for them in Germany where they had carved out a temporary home for the past two years.
Today she must face a new day. Alone.

I know you don't know her. But I do. She represents so many women and families in our country who have sacrificed so much more than I could ever imagine.
Her grief is raw. In the days ahead she will need a place to nestle in and be encouraged. She doesn't know I am asking this of you.

Please visit her blog and leave a word of encouragement. Click here to visit Susan's blog, then click on "comments" on her last post. The pictures are enough to melt your heart. Even if you have never left a comment here, I ask that just this once you leave one for her.

Today I grieve for her. Today I need you, my dear readers and friends.


Richella said...

Oh, Gretchen. I am so sorry. Too easily do we forget. Thank you for the reminder. Off to see Susan now.

Kathie Truitt said...

Wow what a slap in my face I needed today. I'm brooding over a bad review and this poor family is absolutely devastated and broken. Let me wipe my stupid, selfish tears and fall to my knees in prayer for this woman. Lord forgive me!

Suz said...

She is heavy on my heart today. K and I saw a soldier at the car dealership this morning. He wanted to go say hi so we did. K told him thank you for serving our country. I thought I was going to burst into tears. So as we are walking to the car, K says "He protects us." These men and women and their families pay such a huge sacrifice. You are right, Susan is probably not thinking of that today. Praying hard for her.

anthonyandbeth said...

praying for your friend and praying for you too as you grieve for your sweet friend. i'm am so, so sorry and heartbroken about this for all of you. :(

Karen said...

Gretchen, my heart became heavy as I read your words of heartache. I will go by today and leave her some words of encouragement. I had prayed last night for the Lord to lead me to someone who needed to be encouraged this week. (you can read my prayer in my post today)I will be thinking of you ~ as you are HIS hands and feet to Susan.

kimberly said...

Praying for your sweet friend and also for you as you are there to support her.

Vindiciti said...

Praying for you. Praying for her.

Gold Star Wife is a title no woman wants, believe me, I know. My dear friend is/was one, and it makes my heart sing to see her in her new life with her new husband, but it will always be there.

Praying God's blessing on her while she's in and after she's out of the valley He is guiding her through.
Because of Jesus,
Mary, spouse of SGT J.

Kellie said...

My heart is heavy for them. Thanks for the link to her blog. No words are adequate... only the Lord can give her what she needs right now. It brings so many things into perspective.

Dawn said...

i am lifting her family & friends (and you) in prayer. your news has me in tears here... so fortunate i never experienced this awful devastation when my husband was deployed; fear-gripped for our friend who arrived in afganistan this past thurs; remembering another friend who lost his brother there. while a soldier is proud to fight and defend, going off to do their job, a wife lives in limbo... serving just the same.

no, freedom isn't free... and i am so sad for your loss... so sad.

Chris said...

I can barely see my computer through my tears. This is so horribly heartbreaking. Her family will be in my prayers. Thank you for sharing.

Annette @ Designs By A Rose said...

Oh my! That is definitely the greatest sacrifice! I will be praying for her in the days ahead.

Bo said...

Dear Gretchen,

I know you only through the blog and I obviously don't know your friend Susan but I feel for her.
We are a military family too.

I ache for her loss for her grief now and for her solitary work in days ahead. Here's a note to pass on to her. I tried but her comments weren't working.

Dearest Susan,
We sorrow with you. Please know of our heartfelt prayers for your strength and stamina. Please feel of our faith that God knows you and your kids and your needs.

We hope it will be a measure of comfort to know your husband was doing good and noble duty.

All our wishes for support and love around you.

A fellow military family.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for writing this blog, loved reading it