September 8, 2010


I used to adorn my walls with anything cheap and stylish. As I've gotten older I have changed my criteria: cheap and meaningful (and hopefully stylish)
Sometimes those two are hard to put together. On our recent cruise, I mentioned to my husband that I really wanted to find a piece of art in Grand Cayman because that island has a special place in my heart. We searched and searched. All of the art was ridiculously high that day (I've heard they up the prices when a ship is in port). So I started looking for 5x7 greeting cards and came upon these two treasures by the same artist:
Frames: $3 each, Walmart
Mats: $1 each Hobby Lobby
Greeting cards: $2 each
Total for (2) 8x10 pieces of art: $12

I applied the same idea a couple of years ago while visiting Europe. Even though the prints were smaller (4x6), having three in a large frame created the illusion of a large piece of art:
Frame: $15 Michaels (mats included)
Prints: $3 each

Several years ago I visited my brother in San Diego and fell in love with the coastline. I picked up some 11x14 prints from a small vendor at La Jolla beach. They now adorn my guest bath:
Prints: $12 each
Frames: $10 each Target on clearance

Speaking of Target, I couldn't pass this tin sign up in their dollar section.

Each year our family attends a summer festival in the mountains of NC. Last summer a local artist (who sells her work for $$$) donated a copy of her version of the festival, with all proceeds going to the town. It is (nearly) poster size, so it fills our upstairs hallway nicely.
Print: $10 (actually free, thanks mom!)
Frame: $3 yard sale

For other ideas on inexpensive ways to adorn your walls check out this, this, this and this.


Karen said...

Wonderful idea. I save cards that we receive in the mail, whether they be Christmas or whatever, that do not have writing on them. I will place them in frames for the season that relates. I have learned later in life, it needs meaning, because there is TOO much out there to choose from.
Thanks for sharing.

Joy for the Seasons said...

I love greeting card art!

Richella said...

Good job! These look wonderful, Gretchen. And I'm with you on the meaningful. If it can be stylish, then that's great. But meaningful is best!

Amber said...

I love it when you inspire me to have something on my walls besides just greasy handprints and knicks in the paint from a way.too.rough game of in-house football.


Carpool Queen said...

All my travel art comes in the form of magnets that adorn my refrigerator.

Somehow, it doesn't have the same panache.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Love your art! I too like to buy small prints or even postcards for art. Occasionally I even manage to take a decent photo that ends up in a frame. You have beautiful taste!

Kellie said...

Great ideas. :) I love when art can be meaningful in our home instead of just something put on the wall. I have many and they always make me smile.

Wendy said...

Oh I love the colors in your guest bath!

Mom said...

I love all your pictures/wall art!
And I really love YOU!!!