August 10, 2011

10 on the 10th

 1. We recently had some tile work done in our home.  During the 40+ hours Joe-the -Tiler spent at our house, I found out that he is a master Baclava chef.  I negotiated a dozen fresh eggs for a pan of this delicacy.  Clearly, I got the better end of the deal.

2. We are now into our third week of school and we're finally back in our groove and enjoying it immensely.  The first week is always T-O-U-G-H.  We've ironed out the kinks and now we're sailing along.

3. I was Facebook lurking and found someone I knew in high school.  She had recently posted pictures of her dead dog in a doggie casket, complete with a blue satin pillow and blanket.  Anyone else find this extremely bizarre?

4. Speaking of bizarre, what is it with Walmart and pajamas?  Throughout the country, I've experienced this phenomenon.  Have you noticed it?  Who walks out of the house and decides to head to Walmart wearing Tweety bird pajamas?

 5. I LOVE Bath and Body Work's new bags.  They just make me happy!  The blue and white buffalo check is blissful.

6. One of our chickens stopped laying eggs.  I had my hubby, ahem, check things out because I was envisioning 5 days worth of eggs being stuck.  Eww.  Apparently she is brooding (?) which means she sits in the little nesting box, thinking she's sitting on eggs.  Silly girl.  Or maybe it's just too stinkin' hot for her. 
7. A trip to the Farmer's Market makes me feel so healthy.  I had at least 4 people stop and ask me which booth was selling the sunflowers.  Summer glory.

8. I discovered a large piece of shower curtain on the bathroom floor and a pair of scissors discreetly placed nearby.  After a nice little "what were you thinking" chat, I'm still wondering about the thought process that took place.  Each of my children skipped the destructive stage that usually comes with toddlerhood.  It showed up a few years later with a signature on the stairway wall (duh, don't sign your name!) from child #1; lipgloss kiss marks on the door frame from child #2; and now the shower curtain from child #3.  Whew!  I hope that's the end of that!

9. I'm a sucker for shows that make me cry.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition, Coming Home, and even Undercover Boss.  We're talking the ugly cry.

10. We took a quick weekend trip to visit my brother and sister-in-law for military family day.   We had a blast riding on one of the fastest boats in the Navy... with my brother driving!  Another reason to be proud and so thankful for our military.


Samantha said...

I love B&BW! One of my favorite places:) #8. hahaha. Mine did the first two as well. Writting their names on the wall is clasic!

Tracey said...

I'm catching up on your blog posts during my lunch break.

Let me just say...Girl. Your photos are rockin'.

They all made me happy. (The baklava made me hungry.)


Bugs and Sunshine said...

Oh we are such kindred spirits. Everything about this post makes me happy!!!

Did you buy eggplant? I'm curious about the purple bell pepper looking veggie-

Those sunflowers are glorious!!

It was encouraging to read the first week of school is hardest. We are in week 2 and it has required so much brain power from me trying to figure out our rhythem.

This morning I sat down and filled 10 folders with 2 weeks of lesson plans for the boys.

I bought them each 2 sets of red, purple, blue, green, yellow. Each color represents a day of the week. My idea is that they can just pick up their folder and get to workin'. We'll see :).

Mom said...

1.Thanks for sharing!
2.So glad!
4.And other places, too. When your kids are w/me one of them asks, "Why did they wear their pj's to the store?" I have no answer. In my day it was women wearing the pink sponge rollers in their hair to the store. I always thought, "WHERE do they have to go that is so important that they come out to the store like that?"
5.Me too!
6.When I "brood" I sit around a lot...
7.LOVE all the veggies (thanks for my special peppers) & especially the flowers!
8.Uh oh... I want to hear more.
9.Surprise Homecoming is my favorite & I've been taping it, so I just go ahead & get the kleenex ready for dad & me.
10.AND your mom driving... Wow, what a thrill!

Meg {henninglove} said...

id say you definitely got the better end of that deal with your tile man. shoot baklava for a dozen eggs, yes please! um and posting photos of your dead dog no thank you. love those sunflowers you picked up, gorgeous!

the bennetts said...

oh. my. word. a dog casket? seriously? no, dear. you are not the only one who thinks that bizarre. gross. and i have a dog and she is precious, but she is not getting a burial service or a casket. or a satin pillow. or a blanket.

oh the Tweety pjs. you should have said something, i would have changed! ;) that's ridiculous.

you should know that your #3 and i are kindred spirits. i did the shower curtain thing with a pair of manicuring scissors. but- i also did the signature on the wall thing like your #1. only, mine was on the wall next to the potty, and i did it with a safety pin. it was more of an engraving. and i never figured out how my mom knew it was me. i didn't realize she knew how to spell my name, too- backwards "Y" at the end and everything!