August 12, 2011

Friday Review

Do you ever go somewhere and you don't want to lug your purse around, but you still want to take your phone or your small camera?  I hate carrying things in my pockets, so it's usually my big ol' purse or nothing.  Tammy from Queen of Hooks has the perfect solution!
 It's a clutch that is just the right size for those times that you don't want to carry a bag.  Going to a baseball game but want your phone handy?  Perfect.  Headed out with the diaper bag but you don't want to haul a purse along too?  Just drop the clutch in the diaper bag and go.

Not only is it functional, but it's just so cute!  She has a large variety of fabrics available and she's even willing to send fabric samples for you to make sure you like your choice.  My favorite?  She will monogram it in a variety of fonts and colors.  Don't you just love that big chunky font?

 I am thrilled that it will hold my phone and my iTouch at the same time without feeling bulky, leaving room for my driver's license.  It's also the perfect size for my daughter's point-and-shoot camera.
Tammy takes the time to add special details like the swiveling wrist strap and the velcro pocket on the back that is just the right size for receipts.  Her work is high quality and she has taken the time to test out her products' durability before putting them on the market.
If you are looking for a great gift idea, or need a little something for yourself, go check out her etsy shop.  I think  girls of all ages would be thrilled with this cute little sidekick.


tarajj said...

What a nice review!

SandyM said...

Heading to Etsy!!