August 5, 2011

Girls' Night In

The boys had a meeting, so we decided to make it a girlie night.  
My girls transformed my bathroom into a spa complete with a nail station, a massage station and a hair station.  Good parenting skilz.  

 We invited my mom over to enjoy the festivities and bring her cool new polish colors.
She showed up with virgin lime daiquiris and hot massage rocks.  See?  I am passing on a good family legacy.  :)

Taking turns and moving through each station made the time fly.  Before we knew it the boys were back and wanting a turn.  Somehow a forum on hunting just doesn't sound as fun or relaxing as our girls'-night-in.

 As my girls get older,  it is so fun to learn new ways to create a healthy bond between us.  I hope when they're all grown up we will still be choosing fun colors and giggling the night away.

What are some fun things you enjoy with your kids for a special night-in?


Thoughts for the day said...

what a wonderful memory to keep in your heart, they grow so fast soon you will wonder where did the time go?

Karen said...

I've got boys! But, they do love to play cards & watch movies and if I might add the youngest is a "shopper". He probably would not like his hunting buddies knowing I said that. What a fun night, I'm longing for a girl's night. We did something similiar to this with a ladies group at our church. The older ladies loved it!

Kellie said...

We love to watch movies as a family. With Miss M I love to just cuddle and talk. We also love to go to Bath and Body Works where she can become intoxicated by all of the choices of perfumes. Shopping in general is something she loves so I now love it, too... sortof. :) Honestly, as long as I have my family with me, I am happy. Sounds like y'all had a wonderful, wonderful time!!!

Richella said...

FUN! What a cool thing to do. Alas, I've no boys to do this kind of thing with, but that's okay. My fellows and I love to watch movies together. Even more fun when we make homemade popcorn and cookies! :)

Mom said...

And what fun it was! Thanks for including me!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

Oh this looked like you all were having so much fun! What a great idea!