August 24, 2011

A Week of Gifts

1. Not too long ago, my dear friend Tracey asked for some help in finding furniture for her new deck.  It took me very little time to dig through the internets to find some good possibilities.  I made a few suggestions on placement and groupings.  All of this was done via email.  As you know, I love anything that has to do with designing living space, so it was a treat to get to help her.  
Imagine my surprise a couple of weeks later when I opened my mailbox to find a package.  A real package with my name on it!
She had lovingly handcrafted a beautiful cover for my Kindle, complete with a little blingy button.  Along with it was the sweetest note of thanks for my help.  I am the one who needs to thank her: for her friendship, for her labor of love.  Isn't it beautiful?? 
Thank you, Tracey!

2. Speaking of labor... our sweet little hens have been very busy too!  We are now collecting a rainbow of eggs each day.  They're kinda like people: different colors and sizes on the outside, pretty much the same on the inside.   :)

 3. My dear friend Lisa knows my affinity for NUTELLA.  On Sunday she handed me a beautiful package with a sly grin.  Inside I found not one, but two jars of chocolate bliss.  It was a true gift because she used her "limit of 2" coupon and gave them BOTH to me.  Wowsa!

 4. I am enjoying a gift from my mom each time I open my back door.  She gave me a hanging basket of gerber daisies at the beginning of the summer.  I split them up and planted them along our walkway.  They have bloomed profusely all summer long. She knows they are one of my favorite flowers and each time I see them, it makes me smile.

 5. Within the past week, I was shown the gift of hospitality by two different friends who lovingly opened their homes to my kids and me.  What joy to savor the gift of friendship over some yummy food.  Thank you Suzanne and Susan!

6. Speaking of savory... I love how certain smells bring back precious memories.  My mom surprised me with this little packet of herbs.  Herbes de Provence takes me back to a wonderful adventure in France that she and I shared many years ago.

Each gift is so unique, yet they all speak love.
Hope you have a gift filled day!


Sarah said...

Those gerber daisies look fake they are so pretty!! Don't they just make you smile?
And yes, any time I smell herbes de Provence it reminds me of a tri[ my husband and I took before we had reminds of being young and in love!! (We're still in love, just not as young as we used to be!)

Mom said...

I'm so glad your Gerber daisies made it.... the rabbits have eaten all the flowers off mine & the slugs are working on the leaves. Ah well, I'm just glad you are getting to enjoy yours!

Samantha said...

love gerber daisies, they were my wedding flowers. no roses:) not that i don't like roses I just prefer gerbers. Wonderful gifts:)

dawn said...

We have friends that visit us from France each summer and bring us Herbes de Provence. Smells heavenly, but I don't really know how best to use it...any ideas to share?