November 11, 2011

5 on Friday

1. I found myself amused that our oil company still uses a handwritten ledger even though a computer sat on the desk.  The multitude of "No Smoking" signs apparently didn't apply to the administrative assistant at the desk.  Not so amusing.

2. We ordered butterfly larvae for science.  Clearly I wasn't looking at the calendar.  It looks like they will be traveling with us for Thanksgiving.  The more the merrier?

3. November brings my one of my favorite family past times:  building a fire in the fire pit.
Okay, specifically, 'smores over the fire pit.  Have you seen these new marshmallows?  They are flat, so they fit on a graham cracker better.

They are definitely less messy for kids.  My love for a fat, melty mallow was too much, so I put two on each 'smore.

4. I am almost completely healed from my accident.  Still tender and a little slower than normal, but back into life, full swing.  Well, no swinging yet, but you know what I mean. :)

5. We pulled out the Christmas playlist this week.  I'm not ready for the holiday yet, but I do LOVE the music!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!


Bugs and Sunshine said...

I think 2 flats was the right decision!

Trust me on this one (if you like peanut butter and chocolate that is)...get a bag of mini-Reese cups. Here's the smore recipe some friends and I discovered while roasting mallows at a Women's retreat several years ago:

2 graham crackers
2 flat mallows (preferably slow roasted and not charred, but i won't judge you if you can't wait for the slow roast, it's understandable)
1 hershey square
1 reese cup

i'm glad you're feeling better.

Richella said...

Gretchen, I've fallen so behind in blog reading that I've missed several posts from some of my favorite people. I didn't know about your accident! I'm so sorry!! I was thrown from a horse once when I was a kid; it nearly scared me to death. I can just imagine what it would be like for that to happen now! I am so grateful that you weren't hurt worse. But oh! Cracked ribs?? That sounds terribly painful. I'm glad to know you're healing. Bless you!

The Corbett Family said...

I love that you use special dark candy bars, I haven't tried that yet and it sounds delish. The flat marshmallows are great, but for some reason they didn't work so well in those s'more stuffed brownies. I'm glad you are feeling better too.