November 1, 2011

Willy Wonka Would Be Proud

Hello November.  I'm always so glad to see you.  October used to be my favorite month but after this, this, and this I've decided that you now hold the title of Favorite Month.  October hasn't been good to me and my loyalty can only go so far.

But before we get too settled into my favorite month I thought I'd share a photo from last night:
Yes, I know it's blurry, but I'm on medication for goodness shakes sakes.

Let's back up a little bit and catch up, shall we?
I was thrown from a horse last Wednesday.  By Friday morning I was still in excruciating pain so my mom drove me to an urgent care (remember we were out of town).  After one light touch to my abdomen, the doctor told me I needed to head straight to the ER because there was a good possibility of organ damage.
I spent the day getting xrays, CT scan, bloodwork know, all my favorite ways to spend an October day.  The good news was that no organs were damaged.  The even better news was that I would leave with some strong pain medication.   I don't usually like to take  medicine beyond the typical Advil, but when you're in this much pain, you're willing to expand your horizons.

I've pretty much been on the couch since Saturday night; with the exception of church since my kiddos were singing in "big" church.

Which brings us to last night.  We started a tradition last year of gathering with four other families (totaling 17 kids) for chili and trick-or-treating.  I know it's a touchy subject, but we keep the focus on spending time with friends and having fun with the costumes.  No ghouls aloud.  My dear friend played the perfect hostess by moving her big soft chair into her kitchen so I wouldn't miss out on any of the fun.  Since it was pouring rain, the other moms graciously volunteered to stay and keep me company while the dads and kids gathered the bounty.  What generous friends.  ;)

My kids are too old for me to steal sneak candy out of their bags, so we usually go through it together and I get all the Twix and Take5 bars, of which there was a deficit this year.  As we dug through the loot my daughter held something behind her back.  With a sly grin she presented the perfect gift that mended my candy disappointment:
A World's Finest Chocolate bar ... my golden ticket.

What's your favorite November 1st candy?


Kellie said...

Reese's. Hands down. Ate two of the kids last night.

So.... when are you needing the jelly fairy to come see you? :)

truth in weakness said...

ah, i SEE why your kids were wondering about last night -- i'm SO happy to hear that you all were able to keep your new tradition! and i, too, tend to go pretty au naturale when it comes to medicine -- but indeed, horizons WELL expanded this past year! ;)

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

1} Hey where's the wheel chair picture?
2} Hope you are feeling better today!
3} I share your take on Halloween - heard Dr Dobson explain it really well too!
4} Reese's PB Cups for sure
5} um, um, um........Happy Nov. 1st!

Mom said...

WHO in the world put a World's Finest Chocolate bar in her bag??!!
Looks like a pretty good haul to me. I had plenty of Twix & Take 5... Mmmm, what should I do with my leftovers?

Talysa said...

We have a similar tradition! We live in the kind of neighborhood that just goes all out (in a fun way...think no thru traffic and riding through the streets in golf carts)so we invite our "country friends" into the big city with us. :-) The kids have a blast and so do we. So glad you are recuperating and not having to miss out on the important chocolate. ;-)

Joy for the Seasons said...

Oh my, I have not seen a Take 5 bar in soooo long! Must. go. find.

Bugs and Sunshine said...

that's so fun you got your favorite chocolate bar!! and how cute your sweet little one knew it!!

we gave our boys strict protocol...hold hands and when given the choice, ALWAYS choose the chocolate :) LOL!