January 2, 2012

Gettin' Healthy Isn't So Bad

I found this free sample in my GNC bag last month.

Healthy Indulgence Daily Wellness
"Balanced Multi-vitamins and Minerals enveloped in delicious dark chocolate"  
Yep.  That is the best way to get healthy that I can think of!

What are your healthy plans this year?


Thoughts for the day said...

Lose 12 pounds and tone using my eliptical and healthrider.

Green Goose said...


Hey I wanted to mention to you how much I enjoy your blog. Your quotes and your fonts, even. Your title is so in my head that I *accidentally* used it a post title of my own last night. Please take it as a compliment. And very happy new year to you!

As for healthy resolutions, this year I am baking a little less and starting P-90x today. YIKES.