January 12, 2012

Pomegranates to Polish

I'm everywhere today, so hang on. :)

1. I have a new lunch obsession.  Greek yogurt with pomegranate seeds.  So refreshing!
Have you ever cut a pomegranate?  It's really pretty simple.  Time consuming, but simple. I usually just pull the seeds that I want for that day and put the rest of the pomegranate in a ziplock bag for later.

2. My oldest daughter and I stopped by the mall last night.  Hoping to find a pre-teen birthday present, we stopped by Bath and Body Works.  The shelves were almost bare, save these:
I loved all of these scents.  You know you're a blogger when you stage your favorite candles  for a picture in the middle of the store.  My 12 year old kept saying, "you can do that??"  No one stopped me, so I guess I can. :)  I usually like about 3 seasonal scents.  This year I have to choose from 6 favorites.
I think my favorite was the White Palm.   I wonder when they will go on sale.  I can't justify paying full price.

3. The other night there was nothing on, but I was in the mood to channel surf watch tv.  When I say nothing, I mean I was debating between Extreme Hoarding and Extreme Cheapskates.  Oh the dichotomy of Tuesday night American television.  By the way, Extreme Cheapskates won.  I was disgusted intrigued by the man who only wanted to spend $7.40 for dinner so he purchased 2 goat heads.  For dinner.  To eat.  Eyeballs and all.

4. With 3 females in the house, I am quickly regretting not buying stock in Revlon, Kotex, and Sally Henson.  A quick trip to CVS turned into an hour and I needed to take out a loan before we left.  Since we didn't have any boys with us, we had fun checking out all the new fingernail polish shades.  Does this make anyone else laugh?  It still makes me giggle.

Who gets to choose the names?  Has Wet n' Wild used all the other names that this is all they could come up with?  We chose Loxy Lady (hot pink/coral), Wet Cement (grey), and I Have No Reception (silver glitter).  I rarely paint my nails but with my two girly girls, it's suddenly fun again.

How about you?  Are you a nail painter?  Fingers and toes?  


Green Goose said...

I enjoy your posts nearly every single day but have had the worst luck getting my comments to post. LOL Today you made me laugh! LOL Love the nail polish name. Love your newest food obsession, I wonder if you've ever read about the spiritual messages n this fruit? Have a wonderful day, keep writing. : )

Bugs and Sunshine said...

just painted mine actually, they're still drying. i went with 5th avenue by china glaze today.

Anonymous said...

ha! love the nail polish names- as you know, i am not much of a polisher, but maybe as wynne gets older i may have to start! you will have to fill me in on the pomegranates, i have never tried one (do you just eat the seeds?) i'm enjoying catching up on your blog! :) Erin

Farmgirl Paints said...

i share you pomegranate love. so yummy...try them frozen!

ashley said...

the name of that nail polish is too funny!! i am a total nail-painter. i feel completely naked and embarrassed if my nails aren't painted or are very chipped. fingers and toes. crazy, i know! been that way for the last several years.