January 4, 2012

New Year, New Dreams

You can't go an inch on the internets without bumping into new year resolutions.  Lists are everywhere.  Maybe it's just me but I feel overwhelmed, and inadequate.

Last year, about this time, I wrote a post about Releasing the Resolution Grip. I chose one word to focus on rather than a list.  Even choosing one word set me up for failure, because in the reality of daily life, I often failed at "purposeful."  Yes, it was a great word and a good way to help me focus, but this year I decided to give myself a break.  Rather than a list of things I hope to accomplish or not do, I have chosen to make a list of dreams.

Dreams are not threatening.
Dreams are hopeful, without pressure.
Dreams put a smile on my face.
Dreams fill me with anticipation of the imaginable.

If you are avoiding the lists this year, I encourage you to give yourself a break.  Doesn't a list of dreams sound like a better way to start the year?

Read books that inspire
Travel to a new place
Learn to quilt
Kayak a new river
Feel comfortable in my weight
Go to Seattle
Start a new ministry that is outside the box
Write a children's book

Now, remember, no pressure ... they're dreams :)


Bugs and Sunshine said...

I love your list! That one at the bottom in yellow, how fun is that?!

One of my dreams for the new year is to sew a slip cover for a chair (or 3) with the sewing machine I don't have and the skills I don't have. But I figure if I can learn to sew the sky is the limit on the decorating possibility.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see what God has in store for these dreams of yours, dear friend. SK

O Mom said...

i like dreams too...
Why seattle? That's close to me and practically my old home town!!
I have written 3 childrens books (with still lots more in my head) which were inspired by children in my life and my love for Jesus, they may never be sold in a store but having them and reading them to my girls is such a blessing. I encourage that one! :)

Mom said...

I could show you around Seattle (we could wait till Deb & Carl get settled, then have a place to stay...) & that would be a new place for you.
Did you want to kayak THE New River or A new river? We could do Falls River...
You should just go back through your blog & write about YOUR children... now that would be a best seller! You are such a talented writer!!!
If you're talking about machine quilting, I'd be glad to help... if you're talking about hand quilting, count me out.
These are great "dreams" Babe, & I love your idea of dreams rather than plans, resolutions, or even "focus" ('course you know I'm not too good at focus..)
I love you!!!

Mom said...

LOVE your new header!!