January 10, 2012

Melt My Heart

And call me crazy
I got a phone call yesterday afternoon and within 1.5 hours, we found ourselves in the land of puppies.
And totally smitten.

A local shelter needed a foster home for 3 sweet puppies.  
3 pups for 3 kids.  perfect.
and a little crazy.
I hesitated for about a minute, but I'm really trying to be a "yes" mom.  Yes to the good stuff because eventually I have to say no to the big stuff.  Besides, this is what memories are made of, right?

After a bath and a long playtime with all the neighbors who came to see the new kids on the block they took a long evening nap by the fire.  To give you an idea of their size, that's a regular bath towel they are sleeping on.  I know the picture is yellow, but it was too cute not to share.

We'll have them for about 4 weeks.  And before my local peeps start asking, they'll be up for adoption in about 5 weeks, so hold your horses. ;)

They are the cutest little guys.  We get the privilege of naming them.  Hey, it comes with the privilege of potty training them.  We chose Mickey (because his nose looks like Mickey Mouse ears), Captain Jack, and Buster.

Yes, they've totally stolen our hearts with their pink/black polka dot noses and sweet puppy breath.


Jodee said...

Oh my word! They are just adorable!

Richella said...

So I'm not the only one who loves puppy breath!

Melt your heart? Add mine to the melted mix. So adorable!

Mom said...

And don't forget their cute little pink/black polka dot bellies.... They are just the cutest most adorable little guys, especially when they are running around the yard together & playing!

Amy said...

Oh, what cuteness!! Love that fireside nap picture!

truth in weakness said...

okay, i'm not a pet lover, but THAT PICTURE of them all lined up by the fireplace is absolutely IRRESISTIBLE!!!

way to go on the "yes mom" moment!

Kellie said...

Oh,goodness! Not sure how you are ever going to let them leave your house. TOO stinkin' cute!

Thoughts for the day said...

Don't forget to use a crate at night they will love it and potty training has to go along with little treats, cause and effect if they go potty they get a treat if they don't go they don't get one, they soon pick up on the right idea. What kind of puppies are they?

Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com said...

How to you say no to that much sweetness!?!? You get mommy of the year award!! I'm excited for your family's precious addition!!!

MEEMAW said...

I was thinking, oh my goodness, G has had an insane moment and then to read you are foster parents actually allowed my pulse to come down again. What a precious thing for the 3 kiddos to be doing during the winter when you know you will be here for 5 weeks. You are a good Mom(course I knew that already). They are realy cute and love the one of M holding all 3!

Rebecca @ heartland farmhouse said...

awww....such cute lil stinkers all in a row. i'm tring to be more of a 'yes' mom also. 'no' is a hard habit to break, for me anyway.