January 17, 2012

Little Tiny Soap Box

It's been two and a half years since we embarked on this journey called homeschooling.  While I have found that most people have been supportive, we still have some family members that just don't get this whole "homeschooling  business."
We've been told to send our kids to "real" school.  We will, most likely, one day.  But for now, we strongly believe this is what is right for our family.

We've heard lots of reasons to not homeschool, but the one that slays me is, "you're wasting your tax dollars by not utilizing what you've helped pay for: public school."
Just because we don't use the Sheriff's department or the fire department every week doesn't mean we are wasting our tax dollars, does it?  It leaves me wondering if they utilize the public library, public museums, or public parks on a regular basis. Hmm...

I'm not angry.  I just get a wee bit frustrated when others judge our decision. (Click here to see a post about why we chose to homeschool; and click here to read about moms judging each other.)

This morning a dear friend posted this video on Facebook and it made me laugh.
Whether you're a homeschool family or not, I think you'll find it amusing.

And yes, I am still in my pajamas!  :)


Thoughts for the day said...

I think home schooling is awesome, although I do believe not everyone should do it. Sometimes it can be a cover up for 'abusive situations' that schools would figure out, (that is a small percentage) over all home schooling is wonderful especially for the younger ones.
I personally did not home school our children but we did find a good Christian school for their early years. I do have to say, some of my good friends are Christian teachers in the public school system and they are lights to those kids who know nothing about love or God or consistency.
There are good and bad issues to deal with whenever this topic comes up all I say is follow your heart.

Laura Robinson said...

OK, now my kids are way too young to be in school, and I'm not sure God is gonna lead me to homeschooling but this video is HILARIOUS!!! I have many a homeschooled friend from college/Crusade, etc. and although I can't relate to this video, I can totally see the truth in it!
And it sounds way way attractive...now, if I was just patient and smart enough to think I could teach my kids the things I barely passed in school...that's the tricky part! Can you outsource for biology class? I failed that 3 times in college :/

Mom said...

Unbelievable! So what about those of us who have no children/grown children? We probably should just demand our tax dollars back!!! Yeah, like that would reach anyone's ears... That is about the most lame reason I've ever heard agains home school! And I love your comparisons about not "using" the fire department/sheriff's department.
I've loved watching your precious children bloom in their "private" school! They randomly mention something they've learned & I know they've really LEARNED it, not just heard it or memorized it. Of course, I love being able to watch them have recess, too.... You're doing a great job & they are really enjoying their learning.
I'm going to watch the video on YouTube because I can't get the music turned off to hear the guy (but you know I'm not as computer savvy as you...)
Keep up the great work, Teach!

KR said...

HYSTERICAL!!!!!!! I am still in my pajamas. If you are doing what God has called, gifted & equipped you to do, NO one can legitimately argue with you. Thank you so much for this laugh; I needed it! Hang in there, sister!

Tracey said...

Preach it, sister!

Loved the video..this Friday will be pajama day for our little schoolhouse. ;)

p.s. A quick note for 'Thoughts for the day'...when the abusive situations occur under the 'umbrella' of homeschooling, it is usually determined that the adults are not complying with the state's homeschooling laws. Therefore, they aren't considered homeschoolers, but lawbreakers.

Bugs and Sunshine said...


and i'm still in my jammies too.


Karen Bundy Barlow said...

I think it all depends on the child. Both my boys went to public school for a while before God called me to bring them home. My daughter is in public school kindergarten and loves it. One day God may call me to bring her home. That's the key...."God's calling"...it's different for everyone and even different for individuals in the same family!

I do get the "I have three heads" look still....but that's ok. I know I am doing what God has called me to do and that's what is most important.

The only reason I get out of my pj's is to take my daughter to school. she tracks out next week for 3 weeks....so I plan on fully taking advantage of that! Pj's rock!