May 2, 2012

1 Minute Crock Pot Chicken Sandwiches

My sweet friend Emily requested some easy, inexpensive recipes that we use on a regular basis.  This one's for you, Em.
1 bottle of bbq sauce (my family prefers the Jack Daniels, I prefer Georges NC style)
4 frozen boneless chicken breasts*
Cook on low for 5-6 hours.
(1 minute indicates how much labor is involved, not cooking time)
Shred in sauce with a fork and knife.

Serve on buns with a side salad or chips or baked fingernails.  Whatever floats your boat. ;)
It doesn't get much easier than that!
*The chicken seems to multiply when you shred it.  I usually use 4 chicken breasts to serve 5 hearty eaters.

I'm joining this linky party!


Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Now that's my kind of cooking! I love crock pot meals. But I don't like baked fingernails *grin*.

Mom said...

I'll be fixing this this week! Don't have Jack Daniels (barbecue sauce) but have another kind. Hope Phillip likes it...

the bennetts said...

do you even understand that you are my favorite?

this is amazing. my mouth is watering and i swear i can smell that barbecue sauce through my computer screen.

thanks sweet friend... would love these types of recipe ideas once a week (wink wink!)...

Bugs and Sunshine said...


I bet it smells amazing cooking too!

Such an easy meal to have the stuff on hand for all the time!

KR said...

Holy cow that looks good!

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Bree said...

Yum! Great for a household of hungry boys here! Thank you!

Mom said...

I used Sweet Baby Ray's & not quite the whole bottle (because it's pretty "powerful") & we ate 2 dinners & 1 lunch from it, then I froze what was left. We loved it!

Lynn K. Fletcher said...

I made this on Sunday to use as lunches during the week. The only difference is that I used beef. It turned out amazing and took only a few minutes of my time.

I did add some water since my brick-o-beef was sticking up out of the sauce and I wanted it to be a bit more covered.

Thanks for posting!