May 21, 2012

Wrapping Up May

 This is what Superman looks like when he comes to the farm.  My sweet boy still loves capes and swords.  I'm treasuring every moment because in a blink he will be moving on to big boy interests.  Right now, I'll savor the hero on the 4wheeler.

 My kids surprised me with breakfast in bed.  It was post-Mother's Day because "Sunday mornings are crazy."  My coffee was the perfect blend of creamer/coffee and I love that they even topped the homemade waffle with fresh berries.  I am so blessed to be these kiddos' mom!

 Even though we still have a few more days of school, summer has officially begun around here.  Mimi and Papa's pool produces mile wide smiles.

We enjoyed watching our first tractor parade this weekend.  I could have taken home several of those cute old farmers.  Wrinkly skin, straw hats, and wide grins get me every time.  :)

Our weekend was a flurry of cookouts, time with friends, and house showings.
We're still waiting for that buyer who will love our home as much as we have.
Happy Monday!!


ashley said...

Tractor parade, eh? You know you live out in the country when... ;)
I LOVE cute little old men. Just ask my hubby... on multiple occasions I've said I want to adopt one. I know, I'm weird.

Praying for your house to SELL!

Mom said...

Glad you enjoyed the tractor parade. And also glad to see that Superman still conquers!

Kellie said...

My "W" would have loved the tractor parade. I love old farmers, too. :) Sounds like y'all have been having a great time!