July 14, 2008

$10 Makeover

{Edited : Join in the linky party over at A Soft Place to Land for other great DIY ideas!}

I visited our local Goodwill and walked away with these beauties for $10.

All of them.

For $10.

Notice the scratches and dents on the candlesticks. It's okay, babies, I see your inner beauty!
I know that the orange and brown African tray has nothing in common with my decor. You've got good structure, honey.
I sanded down the rough edges.
A can of flat black spray paint.
A little bottle of acrylic craft paint in white.
A pencil eraser to make perfect dots.

Now for the candlesticks.
I know in the picture, they looked okay. I kind of liked the scroll work, but they were really in bad shape.
Besides, you can never go wrong with black (in my home, or on my clothes) as it covers a multitude of sins.
What I love about these candlesticks is the size. They are about 18" and 24" tall with a diameter of about 5". Super sized.
Check in tomorrow to find out about the fleur de lis... try not to be jealous of my fabulous find.
Thanks to Kimba for her spray paint inspiration!


Marvelous Mom...just Managing:) said...

I LOVE your spray painted masterpieces...wow, the tray looks fabulous. Are you sure you couldn't have found a spot for the African print?:)
You asked about extended family. My brother does have 10 kids - all biological (not 9)but they are adopting a special needs boy from Equador this summer. Could it still be us?

Kellie said...

It is official... you amaze me more and more with your talents here. I have NONE of that. Maybe you'll inspire me.... hmmmm... I could always photograph stuff if nothing else. lol I need to check out Goodwill....

The Berry Patch said...

Oh those candle sticks look great! They go great with the desk.

Brandee :-)

Lacy said...

I am coveting you and your fab finds!!! You and Kimba both are magic!!! I love the desk too!!!!

Susie Harris said...

Im loving that fluer De lis... I will have to come back tommorow! Susie H~

Darlene said...

Love the black spray paint makeover. I have been on a spree also and just *heart* Kimba for teaching us that you can really spray paint most anything. I like the little added white dots on the tray. Great Job!!

Kimba said...

Love those too! Those candlesticks were great finds!

And the tray is great too!

Traci said...

First of all, I love your header! That is my favorite scripture ever. (Darn, I didn't think of it for my blog first! :)
Secondly, I love the black candlesticks! So super huge! I love them in black too. My husband says I will spray paint anything that stands still too long...he's right! Very cute blog!

Me & My House said...

OMG! That transformation is awesome! I love the way you set everything up and those candlesticks were hideous before! You truly worked some magic! When you get time, hop on over to my blog to check out a cool party next week and a giveaway! Whoot, whoot!

Anna See said...

This looks great. I love a dash of black.

Carolyn said...

LOVE the candlesticks. How elegant!