July 24, 2008

Summer Favorites

Thanks to Lacy for this great idea!
What are your favorite summer time items?
Here are some things I am enjoying this time of year:

Fresh blueberries, watermelon, and tomatoes ...

I love this stuff mixed with skim milk.
Hot, cold or iced ... it's delish.

Having time to catch up on all my favorite blogs!
Notice the fabulous computer bag I found online.
Oh, and that's my iced chai on the right.
And of course the cool, refreshing NC mountains!

Hmm... this is so fun, I can't stop now.  I'll have to
post more of my summer favorites again soon.




I have heard so much about the north carolina mountains...you are so lucky to live there! just beautiful...

Lacy said...

I am so stoked!!! I clicked on your blog to tell you how I got my pictures and I saw my name!!! You rock girl! Thanks for the linky link. Your favs look straight out of a magazine and look so pretty. I would love to chat in the mountains with you sometime eating watermelon and talking about decor! (Boy....did that just sound sappy or what???) I would bring my creamer and magazine. Maybe thats what heaven will be like. :)

The Berry's Patch said...

Look at all those trees. I'm so jealous!

Brandee (from the desert)

Elizabeth said...

I just left pictures of my favorite WV hills yesterday on my blog. Check 'em out!

Love your blog. Link directly to it from mine.


Suz said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog this afternoon. Love the posting about taking God's word for what it is.
And on another note...LOVE the shelf! You will have fun decorating it through out the year. Great idea.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

I left you an award on my blog and gave you some love.:)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Yea...I am so glad that I was the first to give an award to you. You deserve it. Ok, directions (guess I should have been more clear). Right click on the award to save it and post the award logo on your next post, link back to the person with a note who awarded it to you, nominate other blogs you enjoy for the award, link to them, and leave comments for them to let them know the fun news!
When I have seen these on webs, they don't make a comment about each one...I just wanted to give a bit of background, BUT it does make the post long.
Hope that helps,