July 22, 2008

A Great Table and Curtains for YOU

Remember our porch project?  Well, we happened to have some wood scraps left over.  Mrs. Thrifty couldn't let them go to waste and so I asked my husband to make a coffee table out of the scraps.  I was envisioning something just kind of thrown together.  I gave him a rough idea of what I'd like (dimensions, etc) and this is what he produced: 


He made it and painted the black edges.  I got to try my hand at staining.  I didn't know staining could be so easy.  All that time I stayed in the land of paint because I was askeerd.  No more fear.  He also made a beautiful side table to go with it (but my picture was pitiful).   

Want one?  If you live near us (central NC) then we can make you one.  It can even be a different design.  

Times are tight right now for those in the housing market (i.e. builder) so we've been very creative this summer.  We had a yard sale.  We posted on Craigs list.  We cut back ... way back.   We've also cleaned out, which is the best part about having a yard sale!

We've been humbled and learned to appreciate others' generosity and kindness.

Do you know anyone that needs new window treatments?
These are available:
There are 3 sizes available:
Single window, double window and triple window.
They are lined.  I made them myself, so the quality is...custom!  Here is a close-up:
I have enough fabric to make another single window or coordinating placemats etc...
The color in the room is Ralph Lauren Berry #6 to give you an idea of the red.

Tomorrow I will post about the shelf my husband built in this eating area (which is why I don't need the curtains anymore).  

We are off to do back-to-school shopping with Grandma today.  What?!  Back to school?!  I'm not ready.  Please, just one more week of staying in my pajamas until noon.


Kellie said...

Beautiful table!!! I honestly wish I needed one! lol :)

Back to school shopping... oh yes. We did that yesterday. I am not ready...

The Berry Patch said...

Great job on your table! I don't need any curtains but if I did I would definitely take those off your hands.

I'm excited for school to start. I can't take the fighting between two little boys anymore. I need peace!

Brandee :-)

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Wow - Your hubby is THEE MAN!! I browsed looking for the porch project you referred to but couldn't find it. What month did you blog about it?
Also, I know this may be a long shot, but I just bought a comforter set to redo our bedroom and one of the layers to the dust ruffle has that red checks. Is it more of a burgundy, farm house red or in between? It's hard to tell on the photo. I have two single windows in there, but may be able to use the double and cut it. Being the smart seamstress that I am would one double equal 2 singles? (My math lesson for the day.)

Lacy said...

OK...not trying to be physco...but was stopping by to say hi and stopped to re-read your profile. I love and rely on Creative Correction, dessert and coffee, can't live without it!!! Also, LOVE Toby Mac sooo much. Just wanted to let you know I am always finding new reasons I think your great!!!!

Amy said...

The coffee table is awesome!!! Sadly, I was persuaded to toss all scrap building materials after returning everything possible for credit. Great job on the table! I think I hear the Wonder Pets - "teamwork."

Darlene said...

LOVE the coffee table...what a great job your hubby did!!!

Tricia Anne said...

Looks like I may have a little competition on the window treatments ... smile. :o) Mrs. Jen was here first, however, I would love to know the exact measurements and price on the double window valance. These are the colors that I am going with and have lived in my home for over 2 years with an unfinished window. :o)
Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne