July 24, 2008

Christmas In July

Here is the reason I no longer need the window treatments:

I had seen a shelf like this at a friend's house and new it would look great in our kitchen AND utilize the space in the vaulted ceiling area.  

I have a large collection of Nutcrackers that I usually display on our mantle at Christmas time.
For the past 13 Christmases my husband has given me a new Nutcracker.  We've started the tradition with our children as well.  They each get to open one present on Christmas Eve just before bed.  We try to find a Nutcracker that goes with their interest from the year.  Last year we found a golf nutcracker for our budding Tiger Woods; and a Cowgirl for our horse lover.

This past December I told my husband (who loves setting out the Nutcrackers) that if we got the shelf done in time, we could put ALL of the Nutcrackers on it, displayed together.

Guess what?  I had a new shelf by the next weekend.  I love the power of persuasion!


Lacy said...

I am lovin the shelf!! It opens up the room so much and plus like your idea of the Nester suggesting them to Sarah for her new house! Would that be perfect or what?

Darlene said...

That is BEAUTIFUL!!! What a great idea to put all the Nutcrackers on that shelf. I can't wait to see it at Christmas!!

At Home Redesigns said...

That looks so nice...such a great architectural piece.

The Berry's Patch said...

Wow, that looks perfect! I would have so much fun accessorizing it. Especially for the holidays.

Brandee :-)