July 14, 2008

Cheap Windows, Warm Heart

I love to decorate, redecorate, and decorate again. It's what I find to be relaxing and energizing. These are my most recent curtains in my family room.  We've lived in this house for 6.5 years and this is my 3rd set of window treatments.  I make my own and I usually take the time to line them and make sure the seams are straight. 

 And then I met the Nester.  Her philosophy is to make window mistreatments.
Do you know how freeing that was?!

I am also a bargain shopper.  Okay.  I'm a cheapskate.  I've been wanting new curtains, but didn't want to spend $$.  

Until I found this fabric.  At the $7.99 store!  But wait!   It was a remnant, so I paid $4 a yard. Can I hear an AMEN?  

Since there were only 3 yards, I cut the fabric in half down the middle.  I did hem the bottom and sides of each one, but ... are you ready for this... I didn't even hem the top or add lining to the back.  I just rolled it under and used my fabulous curtain rings (from Walmart!) to attach them to the rod.  
So how do you like my $12 window mistreatments?

"It doesn't have to be perfect to be a blessing."

Isn't that refreshing?  Especially for us perfectionists!  Recently my hubby and I were having a conversation about how we want our home to be welcoming and warm, but not so 'perfect' that people feel uncomfortable.  

I think many women struggle with the home-perfect issue.  Some may struggle with the 'it isn't pretty enough to have others over'  syndrome.  Others struggle with pouring so much time and energy into the look that they miss out on allowing their homes to be a blessing to others (and even their own families).

It's all about balance.  Of course I want to keep my home clean.  Who wants their family or friends to be totally grossed out (yeah, phrase of the 80's, I know) when they use the kitchen sink?  Then again, if I obsess about how clean my house is, and miss out on making a fun memory with my kids, what's the point?

So today, don't be perfect, be a blessing!

PS> Notice the 'imperfect' plastic container of dirt that my son is trying to grow grass in, on the table.
Just keepin' it real.


Sarah Mae said...

I seriously have no decorating bone in me...so sad. People like you inspire me, but I still think I am hopeless!

Kellie said...

I am impressed, once again, with your abilities. WOW... very nice.

I agree about the perfectionist feelings. I have learned to get past those and live in my house. I want it clean, but it doesn't... and really can't... be perfect now. The Lord taught me that around 3 years ago and I am thankful.

Love all of your home things. You are quite talented!!!!!!

Bobbie said...

Love the curtains and LOVE the price! You are so inspirational..... in fact, I linked over to you- I hope you dont mind. I included your Asian Slaw recipe on a post. I had in in my menu for a dinner party of about 20 this weekend. It was a BIG hit! Thanks so much!

Marvelous Mom...just Managing:) said...

Wow - they are SO beautiful. I am also in NC, so if you are changing them out every year...I will buy your cast offs.:) I had to check out your site after you posted that you were dedicating your next post to Kimba...too funny because without realizing it, I posted the same thing on her site. Then, I read your post about blueberry picking, and had to chuckle because my post today was about my "Nester" mistreatment AND blueberry picking. We were meant to be blogger buddies.
In Passionate Pursuit,

Amy said...

What? You actually cut your fabric instead of just ripping it? I love it! I also love reading about your bargains!! (I'm in mistreatment mode, too.)

Suz said...

Love your blog on not being perfect. Your house is always welcoming as well as you! In fact, last night right before Bailey went to bed she says out of the blue, "I want to go to the cookout house". So even a 3 year old feels the warmness of your house.
Always love reading your blog.

The Nester said...

girl! How did I miss this! It looks great and you are so right, when we decide to let things not be perfect it's like breaking out of jail!