October 29, 2008

Vertically Challenged

What Short Women Wish the Rest of the World Knew

1. Not all women who wear 'petites' are over the age of 70.  We actually like cute, inexpensive things.
2. We are not afraid to climb on the shelves of the grocery.
3. Big purses look ridiculous on us.
4. Yes, we covet long legs.
5. We prefer a table over a booth in a restaurant.  Why, you ask?  Horizontally moving food directly from the plate to my mouth is not fun.
6. We propose a new vehicle law: both front seats must have a vertical adjustment button.
7. Our tall friends should not feel bad about looking down on us... we are used to it.
8. Gaining 10 lbs is equivalent to the average woman gaining 20.  It has fewer places to settle.
9. Kitchen counters are a little too tall.  Using a knife that close to my sternum is very dangerous.
10.  I know, we always get the tall guys.  Know why?  We have to ensure our offspring do not face these same challenges.


Sandy Toes said...

Very cute!!! I love number #8!
-sandy toes

Sheri said...

LOL! I always said I had to marry a tall guy to give my children a chance. (I am 5'2", my DH is 6'2")

Although I have to say I like booths, I can tuck one foot under me and no one is the wiser.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Where did you get the picture of our neighbor's cow? :) These are too funny, and being one of those taller women, I do agere with number 8. I can gain weight and it's not nearly as easy to see, but then it gets me in lots more trouble when I take out those summer pants for the first time after my grazing winter. Better watch it this year.

Anonymous said...

That was cute, my little friend! ;) #10 just made me laugh out loud- you got your tall man, for sure!

Rhendy said...

This is funny! Long legs are nothing to be jealous of, its terrible finding pants to cover them! I always find myself wanting to be able to shop in that petite section:)

Strawberry Blonde said...

I am in COMPLETE agreement with this post. Well, except for #10. My hubby is only 5'6", but it looks as if my son has some recessive tall gene.

Years ago, I worked with designers for a very large department store in the Special Sizes division. For the LIFE of me, I could not convince them that, as a petite woman, I do NOT like elastic waist pants. Our petite model was 5'4", so anything that fit her would be way too long on me. Oh well, I still need to get petite length pants altered anyway.

Loved this! -- Brandi

Bobbie said...

So funny!! And I think kitchen counters could not be tall enough!!

Bobbie said...

So funny!! And I think kitchen counters could not be tall enough!!

Wanita said...

As one who is vertically challenged, I can identify with everything on your list! Thanks for a good laugh.


Lacy said...

Im alittle taller than you and if I was alot taller...I would have less weight to loose! I FINALLY posted my tag from you. I learned alot and thank you so much sweeet friend. Hope your having a great week.

Laura said...

LOL ! I am the opposite at 6'1"
This was fun to read the other side of it :) Oh, and you do always get the tall guys... I married a guy shorter than me - mabe it IS to even things out?!

Tricia Anne said...

Yes indeed! :)
Love it! I am 5'2" also! Pants are a bear to find! I need them this time of the year and well, looks like I am wearing last years! :)

Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Ahhh! I'm 5' so alot of those things are head nodding to me. Especially the gaining weight. If you start gaining alot of weight, you become a rollie pollie!

By the way, I got my cookbook and giftcard! Thank you so much! :) I did a post on my blog about it. Thanks again!

Sunny said...

Cute. I am curious now how tall you are?! I loved #10.