October 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Sandy Toes over at A Shell in Your Pocket
has tagged me.
So in the spirit of the game, I give you an average day:

Oh, wait.  I don't have those!
Here is what 3 out of 7 of my days look like:

5:20 Hit snooze button

5:25 Slap the alarm and get up

5:45-6:45 Meet my walkin' buddies and hash out the world's problems before the sun even rises

6:50 Arrive home to be greeted by the only two morning people in our house:  my middle child and that cute furry guy pictured above

7:00-7:55 Shower, make breakfast, get fashion advice from one daughter, give fashion advice to the other, dress my little man, kiss my manly man goodbye, feed the dog,  referee an argument or two, read the Word, make coffee

8:00 pick up carpool, eat my breakfast in the car, sip coffee

8:30 drop older children off at school

8:45-12:45 teach 14 adorable 5 year olds

12:50-1:15 run (quickly) to the library, grocery etc...

1:30 pick up older children (I know, it's a charter school that offers a shortened day ... love gettin' my babies back so early in the day)

2:00 drop off at riding lessons

2:15-3:15 mommy down-time: snack, rest, blog, email, read
kids start on homework

3:15-4:45 help with homework, play with kids outside, start dinner, clean, laundry

5:00-7:30 Family Time:  dinner, game, baths, cartoons (my hubby loves them), reading, laundry

7:45 get the kids ready for bed, more laundry, make lunches, lay out clothes for tomorrow

8:00-8:30 read with the older two, snuggle

8:30-10pm time with my Manly Man

10pm struggle to stay awake for the news, fall asleep trying

Since we are playing tag, 
tag, you're it!
I want to know what your day looks like.


Christy said...

It looks like yo have a really busy and productive day!

I am really impressed that you get up so early to walk. This is one area that I really need to set aside time for.

Having a schedule/routine to my day is really important to me. Otherwise, nothing would get done.

Thanks for sharing your day with us!

My Place of Peace said...

Didn't know you were a teacher! Bet you are just amazing!

Kellie said...

Too funny... thanks for tagging me. You would have tagged me on the craziest day so far, huh? Check out my blog and see a day in my life. lol :)

Mom said...

I made the Apple Dews last night (half recipe for 4 of us), & it was DELICIOUS! Yum!
Oh how I remember my days that were like yours are now. I miss some of the things from them...but not the getting up at 5:30 AM!
Love you!!!

Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

Well, goodness your day makes ME tired.

Christy said...

I got the Bring the Rain tag from Angie's blog.

How neat that you have been to Sunset Beach! It is my favorite place in the whole world.

Thanks for coming and visiting as well as adding me to my list. I'm adding you as well. I really enjoy reading your posts and seeing all of your ideas.

Jen - Balancing beauty and bedlam said...

Oh my....I don't think my days even come close to any order like yours...I will do this, but only because I love you. It will be embarrasing...hee hee

Sarah Tucker said...

Oh I love your blog! Your mom was so sweet to tell me about it! I'll have to check back more often. I'm going to link your blog to mine if that's ok with you.

Lacy said...

Thanks for the tag chicka! I just got back from Women of Faith and it was amazing. Ill be working on my tag post today. My day is alot like yours:)