March 5, 2010

Stay with Me

I've been in a writer's funk, so this is my last ditch effort to keep things interesting for the week.
Apparently this blogger's block is sweeping the nation, from Arkansas, to Colorado, to the southeast.
Hang in there, I'm coming back with my game face on next week. Get ready for some good conversation. My friend Amber shared this meme so I'm going to take it, tweak it, and call it a day.
1. What is your name spelled backwards? gninrom yreve wen
What did you do last night? Had dinner with 9 other women at a friend's home. She cooked dinner for all of us, served us on her fine china, and gave us a space to step out of our mom roles and just be women for the night. {contented sigh}
What was the last thing you downloaded onto your computer? a pdf file of the latest remodeling project I am working on
4. Have you ever licked a 9 volt battery? What are we, 12?
When was the last time you swam in a pool? Last summer.
What are you wearing? My favorite Wilson sweatshirt and pink pajama pants
How many cars have you owned? Do you know my dad? Then you know I cannot help myself. 9 ~not including my husband's. It genetic.
8. What is the type of music you dislike most? It's a tie between gangsta rap and vibrato hymns. I am a dichotomy that I cannot explain.
Are you registered to vote? Um, yes. I also own guns and pay my taxes. God bless America
10. Do you have cable? No, satellite.
What kind of computer do you use? MacBook
Have you ever made a prank phone call? Hello? Is dis mista wing? Oh I musta wang the wong numba
Would you go bungee jumping or sky diving? ABSOLUTELY
What is the furthest place you ever traveled? Austria or Italy, whichever is further
15. What's your favorite comic strip? The one that comes in the Sunday paper wrapped around my precious coupons.
Do you know all of the words to the national anthem? Yes, I got a refresher during the Olympics (woot, woot).
Do you shower in the morning or at night? In the morning, assuming that I am getting dressed that day
What is your favorite pizza topping? Goat cheese and basil
19. Chips or popcorn? Kettle corn
20. What cell phone provider do you use? Verizon. And still waiting for Apple and AT&T to break up so I can keep up my love affair with Apple
21. Have you ever smoked peanut shells? Hunh? I've never smoked anything except sausage.
22. Have you ever been in a beauty pageant? Seriously? People think this is a point of virtue? Um, no.
23. Orange juice or apple juice? Cranberry, thankuverymuch
Who were the last people you sat at lunch with? Oh, you're supposed to SIT at lunch? I thought that's the time to run around the kitchen, check emails and do lesson plans for the afternoon.
25. Favorite chocolate bar? Dark chocolate with cranberries (on special occasions);
Take 5, Twix, or Dark Reeses any day ending in y.
Who is your oldest friend and how long have you known each other? I have remained pen pals (which has now evolved into facebook pals) with my friend Tammy from the time we were 4 years old. We haven't seen each other since 1st grade except for 1 visit when I was 13, but we still keep up and send Christmas cards.
Hugs, Tammy!!!
27. When was the last time you ate a homegrown tomato? Last summer...from my FIL's garden
Have you ever won a trophy? Didn't you hear? I won the Mother of the year trophy for missing all three of my children's yearly check-ups.
29. Favorite arcade game? Arcade? Hello 2010. How about favorite Wii game, or computer game? Webkinz Cash Cow. Hmm... maybe I should have answered the arcade question. The fact that I just confessed to playing a Webkinz game is so lame.
Ever ordered from an infomercial? Twice. Scrapbooking thingymajig, and a Pilates dvd set. Both are collecting dust, but I'm sure they changed my life somehow. :)
31. Sprite or 7-UP? Neither. Give me a peppermint mocha latte.
Have you ever had to wear a uniform to school/work? Yes, to teach preschool. Hated the shirts, but loved the elimination of "what shall I wear today."
33. Last thing you bought at Walgreens? Milk and cold medication. I'm wild.
Ever thrown up in public? Does 342 front yards scattered throughout my city count? Pregnancy wasn't pretty.
Would you prefer being a millionaire or finding true love? I've found true love, which is priceless, but some $$$ wouldn't hurt right now.
Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes. Have you seen this or this?
Spongebob or Jimmy Neutron? Neither. How about Laura or Mary? Hans or Chewy? Shawn or Gus?
Did you have long hair as a young kid? Yes, until I got the Dorothy Hammil cut. Then back to long tresses.
What message is on your voicemail? I have a message that my son left me last summer while I was out of town. Something about his little voice telling me that he loves me... just can't erase it.
Where would you like to go right now? Cayman Island with a good book.
What's the name of your pet? Rocko the dog, Doodle the duck, and Luna the bunny. Not to be confused with Lassie, Donald and Bugs.
What kind of back pack do you have, and what's in it? Um, we homeschool?? But if I were back on the college campus, I think those messenger bags are sa-weet.
What kind of tennis shoes do you have? North Face... perfect arch support
Did you recently go to Ikea, Hobby Lobby and the library by yourself? Why, yes, yes I did.


Bugs and Sunshine said...

your post made me smile today :)

hope your crew is feeling better and gearing up for a nice weekend!

The Lord Family said...

Blog block here too.

May have to steal your meme.

And Cash Cow is my favorite webkins game. Now the stupid song is stuck in my head.

Kellie said...

You are not alone... I enjoy a rousing game of Cash Cow myself from time to time.... lol

Mich said...

Loved reading all your answers...

Have a beautiful weekend!

Suz said...

Bungie jumping or sky diving!!! Are you kidding me? You wild thing. I almost went sky diving once and chickened out.
Glad to see your post today.

Amber said...

I'm so glad that you played.

Random nothingness about people is my favorite kind of information, though. So I'm actually happy for all the bloggy block going on. I'm finding out all kinds of goodies on folks!


Mom said...

I thought I was your oldest friend... I'm 62! And I've know you since you were...1 second old!
This was a fun one & I especially loved the one about the cars & the throwing up!

Carpool Queen said...

So, I really AM the only one that licked the 9 volt battery.

Y'all are sheltered.