March 31, 2010

When the USPS calls your home...

It all started with a phone call this morning.
"Ma'am, your package is here."
THE package. The package that my husband claimed would be a good science lesson in conservation.
Wait a minute, I thought conservation was about planting new trees 'n stuff.

Seriously, ya'll.
I have no words.

Okay, you know me better than that. I do have words. Two of them:
I lost.

I really thought that last year's duck-capade was a one time deal. I was sure I had sealed the deal with the whole bunny thing.
Silly me.
Last year was just the beginning. Apparently.

Did you know you could order ducks through the mail? Evidently there is a whole catalog of fowl that can be dropped at your doorstep. We now own that catalog.

The speckled ones are flying Mallards whatever that means, and supposedly they will fly away when they mature. Supposedly. The fawn-colored ones (Blue Runners) are not ours. We are babysitting for some friends who split an order like french fries with us.

Don't get me wrong, they're adorable and sweet as they can be. I'm just adjusting to being a new mama again. I think I know a smidgen of how CPQ felt when she found out she was having triplets. Just a smidgen.
How are the other animals on the NEM farm?
Luna's growing by leaps and bounds.
I mean, she has the penthouse suite.
Hope she's not jealous of the 13 little feathered friends that just joined her in the garage.
Oh did I say 13? Why yes, yes I did. The catalog people sent us an extra bird by mistake (either that or for insurance that we would receive 12 live birds). Is the extra guy one of the ones we are babysitting? Of course not.
We haven't decided on names yet. We each get to choose one name. I threatened to name mine Isaidno, but then my hubby would have to name his Iwon.

Have any good name suggestions?


Christina said...

I'm not sure I've ever posted a comment on your blog before...but you've been on my reader for a while now. :) I can't NOT comment on how much this made me laugh! LOVE IT! (Although I really do not like ducks, birds, geese, etc...)

Tracey said... are hilarious!

You know, only homeschoolers have barn animals in their garages for 'educational' purposes ;).

Your children will love you for this..can't you just hear them telling your grandchildren about how cool y'all were to raise ducks TWO years in a row?!

The Comers said...

Oh, can we come for a field trip to your farm?! They're precious! What a great homeschool mom you are, even when you lose!

Anonymous said...

Girl, you might have lost, but your kids think you are a winner! Enjoy your babies... I have a sneaky suspicion those others are headed to our neighbor, Dr Dolittle.

Rachel Cox said...

Oh my. This is too funny.

Bless. your. heart.

Have I mentioned that you are a much better woman than I? ha!

CPQ said...





I mean Ducks.

dawn said...

I don't have to take care of them, but I think they are pretty cute!

How about mallory mallard? How about Peking (Duck?)


Runner Mom said...

You are too funny! Love these babies!! Y'all are just a lovin' family to adopt a few more little ones!!

Have a blessed Easter!!

Sandy said...

For a name how about: That'sIt!
They are really adorable!
PLEASE don't let him win the "I want chickens..." I'm BEGGING you!

Cindy said...

We had a duckling once. One of my students found him and brought it into my classroom. So we adopted him and named him Scooter. I would wear a hooded zip up sweatshirt and he would sit on my shoulder and burrow into the hood and my hair right by my neck. I would stand and teach with him there. I fed him baby food from a bulb syringe. He lived about 1.5-2 weeks and we aren't sure what happened. I was so sad when he passed. I wish you guys good luck. The kids are going to love it. Mine did.

Mich said...


Mom of the year award...oops! Sorry. laughing out loud.

Have a beautiful week!

Dawn said...

i'm sorry... i am laughing. and i sure hope we NEVER get that catalog in the mail!

Gretchen said...


My name list:

Newring(or insert______)

Amber said...

Shut the window and call me Daffy.

You have ducks.
Mail order ducks.

You have just progressed a notch in my "Coolest People Ever" belt.

But I'm not showing this blog post to the husband. Because as of right now, he doesn't know the existance of the mail-order poultry -- and I plan on keeping it that way.

Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Oh my goodness! Memories in the making!

Rachel said...

You are so funny! You're cracking me up with the duck names!

So when can I bring the kids out to visit the NEM farm? You could probably even start charging money and then you could buy MORE animals! :)

Tiffani said...

Oh my!

My kids would be in duck heaven!!

Right now they are on the bunny bandwagon, so I may be emailing you with some rabbit-parenting advice:


Hope your Saturday is just ducky! (sick of the duck puns yet??) ;)

Samantha said...

You are one great momma!