March 26, 2010

This -n- That

1. I've had my Easter mantle up for a couple of weeks. This year I decided to make light blue my accent color. All of the candlesticks are goodwill, yardsale, or clearance items that were UGLY. Another reason to love spray paint!

2. It has been triple coupon week in NC and I've already been twice. My 1st visit brought my bill from $70 to $20; and $78 to $36 for my second visit. Holla!

3. We have neighborhood dogs that just about turned this quiet homemaker into Annie Oakley a few nights ago. This momma needs her sleep.

4. When said dogs barked from 3:00am until I couldn't stand it any more, I gave up and got up at 5:20, headed to the local bar (ista) for a drink (peppermint mocha), and took my frustration out on the grocery cart. 6a.m. is a great time to shop. The only other people in the store were 2 other crazy couponers and the stockboys. And from their over-friendly smiles, they don't get much business that hour of the day.

5. Springtime in NC is gorgeous, but we only have about a two week window between when the temperatures are perfect and the bane of every allergy-prone person shows up: pine pollen. We have enjoyed weather utopia here this week. 73 degrees in the day and 53 temps at night. Perfect for sleeping with the windows open. Except for obnoxious canines ruining the euphoria.

6. Last week the teacher (moi) hit a wall when it came to enthusiasm for lessons. I think spring fever might have been the culprit. This week we've taken the classroom outdoors several days and I overcame the wall.
7. The Lord must have known I needed a little boost, because He blessed me twice this week as a teacher/mom. 1.)My youngest picked up a book and read it to me on his own. I think I heard angels singing. 2.) My middle child chose to read her chapter book rather than play with her siblings. No assignment. No request from mom. She just read! Some of you might have children that constantly have their nose in a book, and I'm trying not to be jealous. I LOVE to read, so it has been a slight irritation that my children haven't followed suit. This week was a little light in the dark, a glimpse of what might be. I'm hoping...

8. I killed 2 animals yesterday. Notice how I just kinda slipped that in like it is a normal everyday activity? We have kamikaze squirrels around here, and one decided that my car looked like the perfect target. I won.
The other was a ginormous black snake. I know they are supposed to be harmless, but it was scaly and I was skeerd. My car was bigger, so I won. again.
Did I mention we killed a copperhead in our backyard last week? Umm... it's only March. I'm already afraid of what summer will bring to the NEM plantation.

9. I hate basketball. I might have mentioned this before, but since we're in the middle of March Madness, I'll reiterate.

10. I made a hair appointment (cue the choir sining). For most of you this is a normal activity, but this was a BIG deal for me for a couple of reasons. One, I may have had a bad breakup with my former stylist. I was being very generous in our relationship. I mean, I got over his infatuation with Elvis, dealt with his alternative lifestyle, and showed grace when he botched my do. By the third botch, I decided I could no longer give him money to wash my hair and cut it in a way that I would go home and immediately re-cut it. I do have standards.
The second reason a haircut appointment is such a big deal is that I haven't had a haircut since last March. I've been growing my hair out (the victim of the breakup) for a year. I've given myself some trims, but I am beyond excited about getting some hairapy.

Enjoy the weekend, friends!!!


Janet said...

Did you know that you have met Annie Oakley's 4th cousin? Yes...that would be me. My Grandma is an Oakley. Yes....for brief periods, like this, I feel quite famous. :)

The copper head is freaking me out a little bit. A few weeks ago I had Brian take a hoe to a toy snake. Yes...Brian was thrilled to tell people about this, but it was he that got out a hoe - not me. :) "Who" was it that freaked out --me or Brian???

Lynn said...

I love all the blue Eastery touches above your fireplace. Very springy! I need to take down the Valentine's Day stuff :o! And congratulations on your hairapy. There's nothing like going in for a good haircut that makes a girl feel celebratory.

Sarah said...

We need some before and afters of the hair!!

And I would even kill a little green snake...I don't do reptiles.

Gretchen said...

How has the reptile population survived all of this snakeophobia? I mean there seem to be plenty of folks who respond the way you (& I) do. Can't we just declare NC a snake-free zone?

Lurved catching up w/you.

Need to copy your mantle decorations.

Holla on the hairapy--pics, sil vous plait.

O Mom said...

I know what you mean about the readers. My middle daughter struggles with reading and when I see her reading on her own it brings tears! Blessings to you Teacher!

Sandy said...

Middle child told me last night that she loves to read... so maybe this was the turning week. You didn't like to read when you were young either, so there sure is hope.
Guess you decided not to wait for Shane.. but I can't wait to see your new "do"! You hung with the previous hairdresser far longer than I would have!
What I hate about March Madness is that they preempt all the regular programming... course, I only watch regular one night a week anyway.
Right with you on loving this spring weather (minus the snakes...!) Yay, one less squirrel to raid my garden this summer!

Stefani said...

For the record, I would have killed the snake too. Knee jerk reaction to all things creepy crawly. eew.. Anyway, for what it's worth someone told me last week that the black snakes eat baby copperheads. They might be worth keeping around.

Also, there is nothing like a good haircut to usher in the spring. Enjoy your hairapy. :)

Dirty Hands-Beautiful Life said...

Thanks for making us all feel human again:):)

..and...let me say I HATE snacks...but...the big black guy could have taken care of a lot of those wicked little copperheads...I lived with a 5' long black snake like he was a family pet on the ranch...but the copperheads started disappearing...

Amber said...


You and me. Kin.dred.

Seriously....we need to get together with our parents and find out if we were separated at birth or something.

Because I smells me a twin in the air.

Tracey said...

Love the decorations. Love that you killed a snake ( and the squirrel for that matter..don't hate me.)

Love that you are struggling with schooling in the means you are 'normal' that you experienced one of the blessings of homeschooling : kids having time to pick up a book and read for fun!...can't wait to love your new hair-do, pictures, please!

Mich said...

Love the Easter decor...

Snakes do this earth no good at all...kill on!!!

Happy weekend!

anthonyandbeth said...

i really love reading your blog. :) hope you enjoyed getting your hair done. it is one of my VERY favorite things to do...sit in a chair and be pampered. :) doesn't happen often enough!